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One day has passed since the James Webb Telescope began its space journey

BingMag.com <b>One</b> day has <b>passed</b> <b>since</b> the <b>James</b> <b>Webb</b> <b>Telescope</b> <b>began</b> its <b>space</b> journey

James Webb, the most advanced space observatory, travels rapidly in space, and after a full day, now completes some important initial stages of the journey. It was just 24 hours ago that the James Webb space Telescope launched from the French Guiana space base on the South American continent.

Two minutes after launching the solid fuel boosters and about 9 minutes after launching, the liquid fuel rocket was separated according to the main stage planning. Refueling of the liquid fuel rocket, with the confirmation of flight, had begun only a few hours before launch and continued for up to an hour before launch.

20 minutes after launch, the second phase of fire continued to operate. According to Rob Navias, a NASA spokesman at the time, the countdown and launch could be considered a flawless operation at the beginning of Christmas. At this stage, there were only about 5 minutes left until the flight with the engine power.

About 25 minutes after launch, the second stage of the Arian 5 missile was extinguished to continue the rest of the route without fire. About 10 minutes later, the upper stage of the rocket detached from the James Webb spacecraft, creating a spectacular view, leaving the next-generation Telescope alone in space. At the same time, the telescope's solar arrays were opened to provide the electric power needed to operate the instruments and to be able to continue in the right direction

while James Webb was on his way to the next turning point. Over the next few hours, US President Joe Biden also congratulated the successful launch, noting that the Web is an example of the great things we can do.

Help was a stage fire. This maneuver was carried out at 19:50 Eastern time zone (04:20 Tehran time) and thus the last stage of the mission, which had to be performed at exactly the right time, was successfully completed. After this stage, the mission team can, if necessary, perform the steps with a different schedule from the previous planning.

Now, opening the gimbal antenna is the next step, which will be done in another hour. The James Webb space Telescope is currently about 240,000 kilometers from Earth, and with a mission of 16.5 percent, it still has about 1,210,000 kilometers to reach Lagrange 2.

  • Where is the James Webb space Telescope now?

Cover Photo: Graphic Design by James Webb
Credit: NASA

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