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Once again, a Samsung phone became the most popular phone in the United States

BingMag.com <b>Once</b> <b>again,</b> a <b>Samsung</b> <b>phone</b> <b>became</b> the <b>most</b> <b>popular</b> <b>phone</b> in the <b>United</b> States

The Galaxy S20 Ultra, which was also Samsung's flagship two years ago, was recognized as the most popular phone in the US market despite the presence of good Apple phones in the US market. .

It is no secret that the popularity of Samsung high-end handsets has increased in recent years; So that if it is not more than Apple, it is not less than that. This is especially true in the US market, where the Korean company, although performing worse overall, has been able to offer products that have repeatedly been recognized as the most popular handsets in the market.

A recent survey of 23%. 000 American users were selected, during which, it was decided to choose the most popular phone in the American market. According to ACSI (Customer Satisfaction Index), in the United States, the Galaxy S20 Ultra from Samsung was recognized as the most popular phone. Last year, a product from Samsung also won the poll. Of course, it is better to say products from Samsung because the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, S20 Plus and S10 Plus jointly managed to win the first place.

This success for the Galaxy S20 Ultra was achieved while this phone Samsung was the flagship two years ago, but the excellent performance in terms of camera, reliable hardware, quality display, excellent build quality and many other things made the user who buys this phone have no particular reason to sell it. Of course, the Exynos 990 version of this phone and the two plus and standard models of the same series, which were available to users in global markets, were a complete disaster because the Exynos 990 was very hot. But the models shipped to the US used the Snapdragon 865 chip, which made it possible to better demonstrate their capabilities.

This is good news for Samsung. Of course, there is a relatively warning point for the Korean company that we should mention. Last year, Samsung was able to attract positive customer feedback with 81 points and topped the list in this regard. Apple also came in second with 80 points. This year, Apple is in the same position with the same score, but Samsung has shared the top of the table with its traditional rival by reducing by 1 point. This is a wake-up call for Samsung because Apple is not a small competitor at all and can be far ahead of the Korean company at any moment. (It should be noted that in the third to fifth ranks are Google, Motorola and LG.)

The interesting thing about this list is the presence of phones like HTC +12, or even products from LG in it. While these two companies do not have a good position in the smartphone market at all. Of course, LG is completely out of the market, but HTC has a very small presence. You can see the statistics of 15 popular American phones in the table below. Samsung 86 LG Aristo 3 LG 84 iPhone 11 Pro Max Apple 82 Galaxy S20 Samsung 82 strong> Galaxy S10 Samsung 82 pixels 4 Google 81 strong> Galaxy S20 Plus Samsung 81 iPhone 11 Samsung 80 iPhone 11 Pro Apple 80 iPhone XR Apple 80 LG Aristo 3 Plus LG 80 iPhone SE 2020 Apple 80 Galaxy A20 Samsung 80 HTC U12 Plus </<strong> HTC 79 Galaxy A21 Samsung 78

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