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The official images of Xiaomi 12 Lite were released before the global launch

BingMag.com The <b>official</b> <b>images</b> of <b>Xiaomi</b> 12 <b>Lite</b> <b>were</b> <b>released</b> <b>before</b> the <b>global</b> launch

Xiaomi recently unveiled the flagship series Xiaomi 12S in the Chinese market. This series is equipped with flagship smartphones that use the new Snapdragon 8 Plus 1st generation processor as their beating heart. Now, this company is preparing to unveil its economic flagship of the Xiaomi 12 series, the Xiaomi 12 Lite smartphone for the global market. In this regard, the official images of this new Xiaomi smartphone have been published in the cyberspace, which we will examine further.

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Some time ago, Xiaomi unveiled its new series of flagship phones, the Xiaomi 12, for global markets, and before that, these smartphones at the end of the year 2021 were introduced for the Chinese market. This series consists of three Xiaomi phones 12, 12 Pro and 12X. But according to the latest published information, it seems that this Chinese company plans to add another model to this series, which is called Xiaomi 12 Lite. For a long time, the Chinese company has been releasing its flagship models to the market, and this time we see that something like this is going to happen. Lite models, as their name suggests, are available to users at an affordable price.

BingMag.com The <b>official</b> <b>images</b> of <b>Xiaomi</b> 12 <b>Lite</b> <b>were</b> <b>released</b> <b>before</b> the <b>global</b> launch

According to official images released by this company, Xiaomi 12 Lite will soon enter the global markets. So far, a lot of information and revelations about this economic flagship have been shared in the news media, and thanks to them, we were able to access the technical specifications of this smartphone. Recently, a video of working with Xiaomi 12 Lite has been released, giving us the chance to watch the expected representative of the Chinese company live.

Since this phone belongs to the Xiaomi 12 series. , so it will probably take many of its features from the powerful smartphones of this series. Recent speculations indicate that Xiaomi 12 Lite will be available to users with a 6.55-inch AMOLED display. This display, which offers Full HD+ resolution, also supports a 120 Hz refresh rate. It is also expected that the display will have a pixel density of 402ppi, support for HDR10+ and Dolby Vision certification.

It seems that Xiaomi will use the Snapdragon 778G Plus processor as the beating heart of this smartphone. It should be noted that this chip consists of eight cores in the order of 1 + 3 + 4, the first core of which is Cortex-A78 with a frequency of 2.5 GHz, the second core of the same type with a frequency of 2.2 GHz and the third core of Cortex-A78 type. A55 with a frequency of 1.9 GHz is used to process the phone.

Also, next to this processor, there is 8 GB of RAM memory and 256 GB of internal memory. When purchasing, users can choose from three configurations: 6 GB of RAM + 128 GB of internal memory, 8 GB of RAM + 128 GB of internal memory, and 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory according to their needs.

The power source of Xiaomi 12 Lite is a battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh, which, according to what we heard, supplies its energy again with a 67-watt charger. In the back frame of this smartphone, a large sensor is placed next to two small sensors and an LED flash inside a rectangular camera module. Also, the main camera of Xiaomi 12 Lite is a 108 megapixel sensor, which is mentioned in the camera module of this phone.

BingMag.com The <b>official</b> <b>images</b> of <b>Xiaomi</b> 12 <b>Lite</b> <b>were</b> <b>released</b> <b>before</b> the <b>global</b> launch

Next to this main sensor, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide sensor and a 5-megapixel macro sensor can also be seen. Also, the selfie sensor of this smartphone will be 16 megapixels, which users can use to make video calls and take selfies. The Android 12 operating system is installed on this smartphone by default and it will run the MIUI 13 user interface.

Finally, we should mention that the version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory of Xiaomi 12 Lite with The possible price of 500 euros will be available to users. There is no information available about the launch date of this new Xiaomi smartphone.

Source: Gizmochina

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