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The number of Ilan Mask followers on Twitter reached 100 million

BingMag.com The <b>number</b> of <b>Ilan</b> <b>Mask</b> <b>followers</b> on <b>Twitter</b> <b>reached</b> <b>100</b> million

According to the website digitaltrends, the number of followers of Ilan Mask has now reached 100 million on the social network Twitter, which he also intends to buy.

Ilan Musk, who has decided to buy Twitter these days, is one of the activists of this social network and publishes various tweets in it every time. That is, before he decided to buy Twitter at all, many users of this great social network knew him and were among his followers.

It is now reported that Ilan Mask has 100 million followers on Twitter. It turns out that according to the statistics published by Twitter itself, based on the number of its users, it can be about 43% of all those who use this social network.

Of course, Ilan Mask has stopped the process of buying Twitter. Because he believes that many Twitter users are in fact fake bots and accounts, not real people. So maybe the claim that 100 million people make up 43% of Twitter users is not true at all. With this number of followers, Ilan Mask is still the sixth most popular person on Twitter. The top five are:

  • Barack Obama (former US President)=132.1 million followers
  • Justin Bieber (Canadian singer)=114.1 million followers
  • Katy Perry (famous American singer)=108.8 million followers
  • Rihanna (famous singer of Barbados)=106.9 million followers
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (player Famous football)=101.3 million followers

To this list, we must add Ilan Mask with 100 million followers. He joined Twitter in 2009. That is, exactly three years after the platform was officially launched. So far, he has published more than 18,500 tweets on various topics, and some of these tweets have caused him a lot of trouble.

Interestingly, Mask has not posted on Twitter since June He has not announced that this period can be considered as the longest period of his inactivity on Twitter, which is also a record of its kind. Now we do not know if this silence Mask has anything to do with the story of buying Twitter or not.

He waited for the issue to be fully clarified and stopped buying. Of course, Twitter has repeatedly asked the Mask to provide data on the correct number of users, but we do not know why the Mask does not consider this data to be accurate and accurate information.

On the other hand, several employees of SpaceX recently sent open letters to the CEO They sent for him and asked him to deal with the Mask because he was ashamed of what he was doing in public. SpaceX also fired the men in response to the letter.

Ilan Musk was also recently accused of sexual abuse, and some of his employees were even accused of very bad and immoral working conditions at Tesla and Space. X had complained. Ilan Mask's daughter recently sent a formal request to change her last name so that she no longer has any contact with him.

This is all that has happened to Mask in less than two months and There seems to be good reason for his silence on Twitter. It remains to be seen how this process will proceed.

Source: Digital Trends

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