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Not all iPhone 14 models will have a 120Hz display

BingMag.com Not all iPhone 14 models will have a 120Hz display

Less than a week after the unveiling of the iPhone 13 series, it was announced that we will not see a 120Hz display on all iPhone 14 series models. .

Apple has equipped its flagships with a 120Hz display this year, and this feature is becoming a standard feature in low-cost Android phones. However, all four models were not equipped with such a display, and only two models, the Pro and the Pro Max, use it. For both the standard and mini models, however, the same 60Hz display was used, while the 90Hz option was ahead of Apple.

Apple relied heavily on Samsung to achieve such panels, so it had to be It also cost a lot. But over the past year or two, it has also partnered with LG to buy many of the iPhone 13 series monitors from the Korean company. Of course, Samsung makes the 120Hz display of both the Pro and Pro Max models, but it is possible that next year, even for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models, Apple will buy the display from LG. Because the company now has the capacity to make LTPO displays with high refresh rate. So it is expected that more phones in the iPhone 14 series will be equipped with 120Hz displays.

In addition to the two Korean giants, Apple apparently announced to Chinese display company BOE to produce Display to start in very small numbers so that Apple can carefully examine them in terms of quality so that if everything went as expected, the company will be added to the list of iPhone 13 display suppliers. If that happens, Apple will be able to pressure Samsung and LG to lower the price of their panels so that the price of the iPhone 13 can be reduced as well.

Possible specifications of the iPhone 14 display

Apple is said to produce at least one of the four iPhone 14 models. It will use an LTPS TFT display, which is less expensive and has a lower quality than LTPO. Of course, the panel used in all next-generation phones will be OLED, but they will differ from each other only in terms of technology used.

If we look at this issue logically, the iPhone 14 should have a 120 Hz display. To be different from the previous generation. Thus, the iPhone 14 mini must be equipped with a 60 Hz display if Apple wants to produce and re-release it. Of course, it is said that due to the poor sales of this model, Apple wants to stop its production for next year, and this means that the iPhone 14 mini will not be working.

This news raises another question; Will the iPhone 14 be the same product that comes with a 60Hz display to keep prices down, but at the same time has a new design and resizes to make it a little different than before? p>

If Apple makes the iPhone 14 Mini, it will most likely have the same 60Hz display model, and given LG's entry as a 120Hz display supplier, the iPhone 14 and the two Pro and Pro Max 120Hz displays will have. If that doesn't happen, and Apple does not intend to make the iPhone 14 Mini, the BOE's entry as a supplier means that the US company wants to use the same 60Hz display for the iPhone 14, but with a series of minor changes, attention Keep users away from this upgrade.

However, nothing is clear at this time and we will have to wait and see what happens. We do not know what Apple wants to do, because a year later we should see the unveiling of the iPhone 14 and it is too early to talk about the details of the display of this series.

Source: PhoneArena

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