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The Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 was awarded to researchers in complex climatic systems

BingMag.com The Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 was awarded to researchers in complex climatic systems

Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 for two discoveries that together enhance human understanding of complex physical systems such as the climate and, on a longer scale, climate change Half of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded jointly to Syukuro Manabe of Princeton University and Klaus Hasselmann, a former researcher at the Max Planck Meteorological Institute in Germany. Belonged. The two scientists have developed physical models of the Earth's climate that have helped to reliably predict global warming and prove that human actions affect the climate system.

(Giorgio Parisi) from the University of Sapinza, Rome, Italy, who has studied turbulent systems such as how erratic interactions and small fluctuations at the atomic to planetary scales. Due to the large number of variables or the large error of the results due to small changes in the inputs, their mathematical description is very difficult. "The winners of this course all helped to gain more knowledge about such systems and their long-term development," said the Nobel Committee on Physics.

  • The effects of climate change are blurred. "Two studies are concerned with what needs to be done with irregularities and fluctuations and their interactions in order to properly understand and help understand complex systems." Especially in the field of the interaction between the heat received from the sun to the Earth's atmosphere and the reflected heat, initiated and directed. His work became the basis for the development of climate models, which were later used to predict climate change under different scenarios.

    A decade later, Hasselman developed a model based on similar research that linked climate to climate. His methods have been used to show the increase in temperature in the Earth's atmosphere due to carbon dioxide emissions by humans.

    It is called "Spin Glasses". It is an unusual substance in any metal alloy in which the magnetic field of an element, such as iron in copper, is constantly changing in a chaotic manner. His work in understanding these complex systems has been useful for studying other complex systems of climate change.

    " To reduce the effects of climate change. It is clear that we must act very quickly for future generations. "We are at a stage where we can have a positive effect, and delays in doing the right thing may accelerate the rise in temperature."

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Cover Photo: Nobel Laureates in Physics 2021
Credit: Niklas Elmehed/Nobel Prize Outreach

Source: New Scientist

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