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A nine-year-old girl saved her family by unlocking her father's iPhone with Facebook ID

BingMag.com A nine-year-old girl saved her family by unlocking her father's iPhone with Facebook ID

A 9-year-old girl from Brookton, Massachusetts, unlocked her iPhone using her father's Facebook ID and unconscious face, killing her family. Definitely saved. While Jilin Barbosa's family was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, Jilin calmly took her father's iPhone to ask for help, but was unable to do so due to a locked phone. "So I unlocked it using Facebook ID and my dad's face," he said. Open his father and call for help. When the emergency arrived, they found that the amount of carbon monoxide in the house from an electric motor had been measured at more than 1,000 parts per million, which is a very deadly amount of gas.

BingMag.com A nine-year-old girl saved her family by unlocking her father's iPhone with Facebook ID

His mother woke up in the hospital and found out that her daughter had saved her life. "Yes, she did," said Jilin's mother. If he was not at home, I would not be alive now. "She is a very smart girl." Jilin was asleep when she woke up to the sound of her father asking for help and saw that her mother and father were immediately anesthetized. Five members of the family, including Jillin's seven-year-old sister, were taken to hospital and all recovered. He was inactive when he allowed his father to unlock it with his eyes closed, thus saving his family from certain death. It is unlikely that Jilin knew how to work with this feature, even if he knew it, he needed a password to access the Facebook ID settings.

If it was an iPhone 13, Jilin might not have been able to open it easily. Not bad to know that the iFixit website and other smartphone repair technicians have confirmed that repairing the iPhone 13 display disables its Facebook ID feature. Only Apple can repair these screens without any problems using its special tools and software. The small chip used at the bottom of the iPhone 13 screen has a special code that is different on each iPhone, which is why this problem occurs in repairing the iPhone 13 screen.

BingMag.com A nine-year-old girl saved her family by unlocking her father's iPhone with Facebook ID

YouTube channel Phone Repair Guru has released a video showing that although it is easy to replace some components of the screen, but when the user's phone needs to change the screen You should probably go to an authorized Apple dealer to troubleshoot your phone's face recognition sensor. This YouTuber shows that when you replace components such as an iPhone's light sensor, heat sensor and microphone, all components work as expected. But when you replace your iPhone 13 display with a new one, the iPhone 13 face recognition sensor automatically shuts down.

According to recent reports from the YouTube channel Phone Repair Guru, there are several solutions, such as transferring some chips to the display There is a new one to reactivate the face recognition sensor, but most mobile repair shops do not do this because it is very complicated and difficult. The strategy of "coding" parts is not new to Apple, but we see the strangest and perhaps most suspicious state of it in the iPhone 13 display. The iFixit website says that this part has been manipulated by Apple engineers so that unofficial smartphone repairmen can not repair it. The solutions that many of them suggest to solve this problem do not work at all. They can solder that display chip, but it is a laborious and risky process.

Source: Phonearena

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