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The next MacBook Air may have a white bezel and M2 chip

BingMag.com The next MacBook Air may have a white bezel and M2 chip

It seems that the next generation MacBook Air has new features, some of which are already present in the MacBook of the new project that Apple has just unveiled. . A whistleblower named Dylandkt recently raised the issue. For information, a look at the past and background of this person in the field of information disclosure shows that this person has already been able to disclose various information about Apple's future plans.

According to this person. We can say that the next generation MacBook Air will be similar in design to the new MacBook Pro models, but it is slimmer than the MacBook Pro. It also seems that Apple wants to offer the new generation MacBook Air in various colors such as 24-inch iMac. The interesting thing about this person is that maybe Apple will make the design of the new generation MacBook Air have the same thickness throughout its body instead of reducing the thickness on the front of the device.

This person also says The bezel of the new MacBook Air will be white, and Apple will use a white keyboard with function buttons in the new generation MacBook Air. Finally, this person says that maybe this laptop is equipped with a webcam with a resolution of 1080p.

Despite this information, we must say that there will be no SD card reader or HDMI port in the next MacBook Air. As a result, the absence of these two makes the appearance of this device more different from the current generation MacBook Pro.

BingMag.com The next MacBook Air may have a white bezel and M2 chip

Apart from the appearance features, it is expected that the new MacBook Air will be equipped with the Apple M2 chip. Of course, we do not think that this chip is similar in terms of processing power to the two newly introduced chips M1 Max and M1 Pro. Because, as you know, the target audience of MacBook Air is users who do not need much processing power.

"From the new generation of MacBook Air in mid-2022," Will be unveiled. These new devices will have a Magsif charging port, a 1080p webcam, USB-C ports, a 30-watt charger adapter and, as before, no fans. Apple wants to launch the next generation MacBook Air in a variety of colors similar to the 24-inch iMac. The edges around the display and keyboard also have white function buttons.

Rumors have it that the M2 chip will be similar in size to the M1 chip in terms of the number of CPU cores, and the chip's CPU. It has 8 processing cores. However, it looks like Apple will use a 9- or 10-core graphics unit instead of a 7 or 8-core graphics unit by upgrading the chip's graphics unit.

Some whistleblowers have also said that Apple is designing a 30-watt adapter for the next-generation MacBook Air and is expected to be similar to the MacBook Air. The M1 will not be a fan of this generation either.

Other rumors have it that the next MacBook Air, like the new generation MacBook Pro, may have a notch display. If Apple uses a 1080p webcam in the new generation MacBook Air, it makes sense to use a notch on this device.

Of course, using a notch with white borders makes it This laptop has a strange appearance. It is also possible that the new generation MacBook Air will be equipped with a Mini-LED display. However, Dylandkt believes that Apple will not use ProMotion technology in the MacBook Air.

It is also possible that Apple will completely change the name of this laptop and introduce this laptop only with the MacBook name. Finally, rumors have it that the new generation MacBook Air will be unveiled in mid-2022 or later this year.

Source: MacRumors

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