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In a new video, Samsung proves the resistance of its clamshell phones

Samsung recently shared a video detailing how the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 were tested. Given that both phones were released in August, it is not yet clear why Samsung has released these details at this time.

Of course, we think that this Korean company for Reducing the fear caused by the news that the screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is cracked has been done.

By publishing this video on its website, Samsung shows four tests related to measuring resistance. In one of these experiments, the handsets are placed in a special chamber and then in this experiment, the resistance of the handsets to different weather conditions is measured. This test is designed to allow the handsets to function properly in a variety of environmental conditions.

In another experiment, the handsets are immersed in water. In the third test, a robotic arm examines the performance of the S Pen on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and finally in the last test, both phones open and close repeatedly.

A look back shows that Samsung in In 2012, he released a video of how to test the resistance on his phones. That year saw the release of a video in which a robot sat on a phone and measured its resistance to human sitting on it.

Of course, the release of such videos is not limited to Samsung. . Apple has also released videos in the past in response to issues raised for iPhones. For example, after rumors surfaced about the iPhone 4s' antenna problem, Apple showed in a video the details of its tests to measure the iPhone's antenna. News of the iPhone 6's low resistance to bending also prompted the company to release another video in a lab where iPhones are being tested.

BingMag.com In a new video, Samsung proves the resistance of its clamshell phones

Despite the release of this video about tests performed on Samsung clamshell phones, this video helps to understand or solve the problem of cracking the Galaxy Z Flip display 3 does not. So far, there have been various reports that the screen of this clamshell phone has cracked. Increasing numbers are reported that the cracks start in the middle of the screen and where the hinges are located.

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A co-author of 9to5Google describes the bitter experience of cracking the screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 on October 7 (October 15) as follows:

Recently, when after a few The day I picked up the phone that was given to us for review. Although the phone has not been used in the last few days, I was surprised that the very thin glass of the phone's screen was broken. This phone had not fallen out of place in the last few days (I had lost this phone only once a few weeks ago). The phone was not even exposed to extreme heat and cold. I had not even touched it in the last few days. So the glass shattering of this phone really shocked me.

A user experienced a similar problem on Reddit just 3 days after buying this phone. Another user has encountered the problem of cracking the screen only 24 hours after purchasing this phone. However, studies show that this problem is not limited to the Galaxy Z Flip 3. 9to5Google co-author Michael Fisher said the man saw small cracks on the screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, where the hinges are located.

One of the most important questions Samsung clamshell phones are always talked about because of their durability. In particular, the company's first clamshell phone, the Galaxy Fold, was delayed due to cracks in the screens of the models built for inspection.

They suggest that there are likely to still be problems with these phones, and Samsung has to solve these problems to make sure that the company's clamshell phones do not crack or break the screen in long-term use.

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Source: The Verge

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