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The new Pixel Watch rendering will probably be the final design of this product

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>Pixel</b> <b>Watch</b> <b>rendering</b> will <b>probably</b> be the <b>final</b> <b>design</b> of this product

The Google Store website for users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan has undergone changes that focus more on the company's smartphones and smartwatches. have. Obviously, this change shows the importance of Google on its new wearable gadget, and in this regard, the new rendering of this smartwatch released in cyberspace can show us its final and possible design.

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In its latest revelation, the Mobiles 91 website shows a smartwatch with a curved display that looks like Google Pixel It is a watch. Interestingly, the Pixel Watch rotary knob protrudes from the watch's curved display and is not located on the body. Compared to previously published images, the integration of the rotary knob with the display of this Watch without creating any space between them, is a point that attracts the attention of users. The Pixel Watch has been in the news for over a year, and we know a lot of rumors about Google's first smartwatch that are worth mentioning.

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>Pixel</b> <b>Watch</b> <b>rendering</b> will <b>probably</b> be the <b>final</b> <b>design</b> of this product

In this regard, Ivan Bless, who is considered one of the most reliable revelators in the field of technology, claims that Google wants its new smartwatch, the PixWatch, also known as the Rohan Pixel Code. Wear OS 3.1's operating system. There is almost no doubt that the new product is Google's smartwatch because there are two proofs; The first is the name of the operating system and the second is Rohan, which has long been said to be the code name of Google's first smartwatch. Although the operating system looks new, it is generally unlikely to be any different from the third version unveiled last year.

In another report, a new revelation from John Prosser of a possible Pixel release date Has revealed the watch. According to the latest rumors and speculations, the Google Pixel Watch will probably be introduced in the first half of 2022. A new revelation from Proser indicates that this smartwatch will probably be unveiled on May 26 (June 5, 1401). The IT expert also said that Google is set to make a change in the launch date of its products, so the release of this smartwatch may be based on the development of the project at another time.

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In addition to the images that John Prosser released about the smartwatch in April last year, promotional images of the smartwatch have also been leaked. Which confirms the design of previously leaked renderings. Based on the revealed details, Google's smartwatch has a very beautiful design. The display of this Watch will also have a smaller border and a round shape. According to rumors, this Watch will be available in two colors, black and silver. Google also offers about 20 different types of straps for this smartwatch that users can choose depending on their taste. The Google Pixel Watch will run the Google WearOS smartwatch operating system installed on it by default. There's also a microphone cutout on the left edge of Google's smartwatch.

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>Pixel</b> <b>Watch</b> <b>rendering</b> will <b>probably</b> be the <b>final</b> <b>design</b> of this product

This smartwatch offers unique capabilities and features that will only be available to Google Pixel Watch users. We also expect this product to be really rich in terms of software capabilities and health and fitness features. These include the state-of-the-art heart rate sensor, stress sensor, sleep monitor and many more. Earlier, there was a report that the Pixel Watch smartwatch will probably come with a new version of Google Assistant. Although the third version of the WearOS platform was released a few months ago, it still lacks Google Assistant. Now it looks like Google's first smartwatch will be introduced with a new version of this smart assistant.

Source: Androidcenteral

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