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The new MacBook Air with OLED display will hit the market in 2024

Ross Young, one of the world's most famous analysts, tweeted that Apple will unveil a 13-inch MacBook Air based on OLED display in 2024. . Of course, he pointed out that this may not be the MacBook Air laptop, and we can not say for sure yet.

2024 will also use OLED display for 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models. Apparently, these devices use dual-layer OLED displays that emit much more light than conventional OLED displays.

In terms of OLED technology, this term stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. To produce light or create an image, an old display must pass electrical current through organic electroluminescence materials. Displays that can produce light without the need to use a backlight panel are called "self-reflecting" displays. These types of monitors do not need a backlight panel, but all types of LCD monitors to use the light must use the backlight panel located in the background. Of course, the details of all the screens of this old are not the same, but they all use organic materials to create light.

BingMag.com The <b>new</b> <b>MacBook</b> <b>Air</b> with <b>OLED</b> <b>display</b> will <b>hit</b> the <b>market</b> in 2024

Panels Older ones offer a more attractive image compared to LCD panels, thanks to their much better contrast ratio. Given that each pixel in the old display turns on and off separately, this leads to the creation of so-called pure black.

Ross Young says that all of these Apple devices have a display based on LTPO technology. It is available to users that thanks to this technology, they can provide refresh rates ranging from 1 to 120 Hz. Apple refers to this technology as ProMotion, and although all iPad Pro models will use this technology from 2017, their minimum refresh rate will reach 24 Hz. The lower the refresh rate, the longer the battery life.

Some Apple devices now use a mini-LED display, which is essentially an LCD display. But thanks to the use of a different backlight panel, it can bring much better quality than conventional LCD monitors. But as you can see, in the next step, Apple intends to key in the migration of these gadgets to the old screens. On the other hand, we should mention Apple's investment in the development of micro-LED displays, which are very similar to the old ones, but have much more brightness, and also do not face the phenomenon of pixel burn.

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Source: MacRumors

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