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The new Honor teaser shows 60 different angles of the body

BingMag.com The new Honor teaser shows 60 different angles of the body

Honor will unveil the Honor 60 series phones in just 5 days, ie on December 1, and as usual, a teaser in this regard And has published several posters. Yesterday, a short video teaser of the Honor 60 was released, which shows the different angles of the body. The back panel of this phone is reminiscent of the Honor 50 because once again we are dealing with a circular camera module. Attractive design reaches users. A few months ago, the Honor 50 series phones were launched in China, and this family consists of three models, the Honor 50, 50 Pro and 50 SE. According to published reports, the next generation of these phones have also kept this combination for naming, which means that we will face the Honor 60, 60 Pro and 60 SE phones. We still can't say for sure about the details of the Honor 60 series phones, and the specifications of these phones will probably be revealed in the next few days. SE reaches users with a charging speed of 40 watts. This means that users do not have to wait long to charge the desired phones. After the separation of Honor from Huawei, the company has been able to attract a lot of users in the Chinese market. For example, some time ago it was announced that the Honor ranked third in the Chinese mobile market and companies such as Xiaomi, Apple and Huawei are in the lower ranks.

In any case, we should see the Honor 60 series phones with What prices and specifications will go to the market and whether or not they can have more carpets than the previous generation.

Source: GSM Arena

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