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The new feature of Android 11 comes to products with Android 6 and above

BingMag.com The new feature of Android 11 comes to products with Android 6 and above

Automatic reset of access to applications, which was considered a new feature of Android 11, will also be available for phones with Android 6 and above. It seems that the security of older platforms will be greatly increased with this new feature of Android 11.

Usually in phones and tablets with the old Android operating system, software updates will stop about a few years later, and practically Your device will not receive any updates. However, Google has recently announced that it will enable the good security feature that came with Android 11 for any device running Google Play service running Android 6.0 or higher.

This new security feature that came with Android 11 is to automatically reset the program permissions. According to this feature, if you do not use the application for several months, Android 11 will reset the permissions previously issued for the application, and each time you reuse that application, you will be allowed to re-access the phone or tablet to the location or access contacts. Or will take the media. This app provides more privacy and security for any app that may try to compromise your phone or tablet or use your phone, even if you do not use that app or app much. p>

This great feature will be enabled in December this year for devices running Android 6.0 or higher. Although automatic reset of app access permissions is enabled by default in Android 11, users can also manually set this feature on all older but eligible devices.

There are exceptions to this feature. There are also, for example, programs run by remote managers for corporate clients. Developers can also ask users if they want to disable the auto-reset feature to access their apps on older devices. This feature is a very modern and of course useful feature for people who use older devices.

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Source: Android Authority

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