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Nearly 900,000 old apps will be removed from the Play Store soon

BingMag.com <b>Nearly</b> <b>900,000</b> <b>old</b> <b>apps</b> will be <b>removed</b> <b>from</b> the <b>Play</b> <b>Store</b> soon

It looks like Google wants to remove some 900,000 apps that are out of date and have not been updated for a long time. .

Google Play Store is now one of the two largest and richest app stores alongside the Apple App Store, where you can find versions in almost any field you are looking for. . But one of the reasons why the competing Store is getting more attention from professionals is that Apple has a strict policy on its Store and is less likely to allow low-quality apps. But Google does not take this very seriously. However, the situation in the App Store is not very good these days.

Of course, it seems that the situation will change from today. The American company wants to delete about a third of the apps in its Store in a large house! This move is in the direction of filtering and separating new and good apps from bad and old apps, which are often low compatibility with new phones, and on the other hand, some of them are older than what can meet the needs of today's users.>

The fact that a third of the Play Store's apps are now obsolete and about to be removed is an interesting point that may have received less attention. At least for Google, this situation is not very respectable because the Play Store with these conditions is not high quality at the moment. On the other hand, the App Store will have a big shake-up. According to the Cnet website, in Android and iOS, the number of these applications that are to be removed reaches 869 thousand and 650 thousand, respectively. Of course, it seems that Google does not want to remove these apps completely. In fact, they are hidden only from users to give developers a chance to update them. Now if they do not do so, we do not know what Google's next decision will be.

The main reason American corporations have decided to do so is to protect the security of users and the quality of their store. Improve. Older apps, as mentioned, will not support iOS and Android security layers, newer APIs, and advanced security methods if not updated. As a result, they can easily be a gateway for hackers to enter the phone.

Of course, there are companies that think that this new policy will persecute them. Many developers believe that Apple and Google should not restrict apps that have not been updated for two years. For example, there are games that have not been updated for a long time but are still popular. They say what Apple and Google want to do is not fair.

However, neither company is going to step down and they seem to be quite determined. Whatever the developers say, because this decision was made to protect the security of users and improve the quality of the Play Store and App Store, it seems more logical and should be done. Of course, developers will still have a chance to update their apps, so there's no excuse.

Source: Android Authority

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