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NASA's supersonic missile landed on the launch pad

NASA's space launch system, the most powerful rocket in history, has been moved to the launch pad for testing before the start of the Artemis 1 space mission.

At 5:47 PM on Thursday (01:17 AM Friday, March 17), NASA's new space launch rocket came out of the assembly building and made an 11-hour slow journey to its main launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center. Florida started.

This was a big moment for NASA, as it has spent more than a decade developing the massive rocket so that it can be used to send cargo and humans deep into space. The Space launch System is the most powerful rocket ever built.

BingMag.com <b>NASA's</b> <b>supersonic</b> <b>missile</b> <b>landed</b> on the <b>launch</b> pad BingMag.com <b>NASA's</b> <b>supersonic</b> <b>missile</b> <b>landed</b> on the <b>launch</b> pad BingMag.com <b>NASA's</b> <b>supersonic</b> <b>missile</b> <b>landed</b> on the <b>launch</b> pad BingMag.com <b>NASA's</b> <b>supersonic</b> <b>missile</b> <b>landed</b> on the <b>launch</b> pad

Relocation of the space launch system set 2.5 One million kilograms and the 23-ton Orion spacecraft landed on the Kennedy Space Center's 39B launch pad at a speed of 1.3 kilometers per hour. This important step is the beginning of exciting plans ahead. In April, the missile will undergo a test known as "Wet Dress Rehearsal" to complete all operations and steps performed in a real launch, including refueling tanks.> BingMag.com <b>NASA's</b> <b>supersonic</b> <b>missile</b> <b>landed</b> on the <b>launch</b> pad

Transfer SLS to launch pad
Credi: The Verge

If this goes well, the rocket will be returned to the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building, where the SLS and Orion assemblies are located next to each other. Then, with a few more tests, the rocket will be moved back to the launch pad for its first flight under a mission called Artemis 1, which is scheduled to take place this summer.

Artemis 1 is an unmanned mission that is scheduled Go to the orbit of the moon and return to check the conditions of human travel. In addition to the extensive scientific experiments that will be used on this trip, NASA has announced that people can send their names to the lunar orbit with this mission.

BingMag.com <b>NASA's</b> <b>supersonic</b> <b>missile</b> <b>landed</b> on the <b>launch</b> pad BingMag.com <b>NASA's</b> <b>supersonic</b> <b>missile</b> <b>landed</b> on the <b>launch</b> pad

By practicing wet clothes, the mission team members will assess how well the test was planned and whether changes need to be made to the launcher before launching. ? This information will also help determine the final timing of the next stages and eventual launch.

NASA Director Bill Nelson said of this stage: They achieve the unimaginable. Today, the new generation, not the Apollo generation, but the Artemis generation, is preparing to reach new frontiers. "This generation of astronauts is returning to the moon, and this time we will land the first woman and the first person of color on the moon to conduct groundbreaking scientific explorations." Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky

Sources: The Verge, Space

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