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NASA split the human space flight program into two parts

In a significant change, NASA splits its human space flight program into two separate sections to accelerate human space on the moon and Mars.

As part of a reorganization of NASA's management ranks, the responsibilities of current Kathy Lueders, director of all human spaceflight activities, are reduced. NASA has also reinstated a former senior executive, Jim Free, as the leader of the Human Space Exploration Program. It will oversee operational programs such as the International Space Station and commercial manned programs such as SpaceX launches. And he manages the human landing, which will be piloted by Jim Free. It has overseen the tremendous progress that has been made. We are also very happy to see Jim at NASA again. These two hard-working people will contribute to the future of human exploration. "

BingMag.com NASA split the human space flight program into two parts

According to NASA, "creating two separate sections for human spaceflight will ensure that these critical areas are "They have focused expert teams in the right place to support and successfully carry out missions." This represents a major shift in NASA's approach after nearly two decades in which only one person managed spaceflight. It also indicates that the agency's programs are expanding in both part of its orbital flight programs and exploration of distant worlds.

    International Space Passage

Frey previously served as William Gerstenmaier, the longest-serving Vice President of the Human Space Flight Program, from 2016 to 2017. He was considered the final successor, but left NASA to work for Peerless Technologies in 2017 and recently worked as a consultant.

Regarding the change, the agency noted that Frey's return reflects a new approach to not having a long-term management seat at NASA. This presence is also an opportunity to develop the hardware of deep space exploration missions with experienced personal guidance.

BingMag.com NASA split the human space flight program into two parts

Jim Frey, new director of deep space human exploration
Credit: WKSU

However, one industry activist was more critical of the change, saying "This could be a setback for space business plans," he said. "It only adds one layer to the administrative process and sends a different message to the government, industry and international partners." Under his leadership, NASA and SpaceX have successfully completed a program of commercial manned flights, and the Dragon spacecraft now flies continuously to the International Space Station. He also pursued Artemis' plan, choosing SpaceX to build a human landing on the moon, and despite the challenges in Congress and Blue Origin's complaint, he still adheres to his decision.

Has less with commercial space programs, is excluded from this influential position. From 2013 to 2016, Frey was the director of NASA's Glenn Research Center as the new director of Distant Human Exploration. He previously served as director of the Orion spacecraft service module, which provided comprehensive information on traditional NASA space programs and its old contractors such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing. "I'm excited to be back at NASA. "Together with our colleagues in space operations, we will focus on the success of the Artemis mission in the near future, and in the long run we will work to create a clear path for human exploration on Mars."

Cover Photo: Graphic Design From NASA's Artemis on the Month program

Credit: NASA

Source: Ars Technica

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