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NASA sends astronauts on Boeing mission with SpaceX spacecraft

In order to provide better conditions for the completion of the Starliner spacecraft, NASA changed the two-crew schedule of Boeing test flights, and thus the astronauts with the SpaceX spacecraft to NASA astronauts "Nicole Mann" and "Josh Cassada" are scheduled to make a private manned launch program by the Crew-5 mission. And join the International Space Station with the Dragon SpaceX capsule, which has proven its capability. . The Dragon manned capsule is expected to be launched on the Crow-5 mission in the fall of 2022 with the Falcon 9 rocket from the 39A launch pad of the Kennedy Space Center. BingMag.com NASA sends astronauts on Boeing mission with SpaceX spacecraft

Josh Casada (right) and Nicole Man (left)
Credit: NASA

"Nicole and Josh have been very active so far in training and advancing the Boeing Starliner manned spacecraft," said Kathryn Lueders, executive director of NASA's Space Operations Division. "They have gained experience helping them learn to fly the Dragon SpaceX spacecraft and operate the space station."

" "It continues to work with Boeing and SpaceX to prepare NASA astronauts and international partners for launch from and to the International Space Station by an American spacecraft." Mann & Casada NASA's Boeing and Starliner-1 missions, respectively, were included in the flight missions, but NASA decided to make changes to the plan to help Boeing complete the long-delayed Starliner spacecraft, while also providing astronaut experience for the mission. Increase the future.

BingMag.com NASA sends astronauts on Boeing mission with SpaceX spacecraft

Boeing Starler CreditL Boeing

Other NASA astronauts including Butch Wilmore (B) as NASA prepares for Boeing's first manned flight utch Wilmore, Mike Fincke, and Suni Williams continue to participate in the Boeing program. Mann is a California graduate with a master's degree in fluid mechanical engineering. He is an F/A-18 test pilot with more than 2,500 flight hours on more than 25 aircraft and was selected as a NASA astronaut in 2013. This will be his first space trip.

Cassada is also a US Navy physicist and test pilot. He received his Ph.D. from the National Accelerator Center and has more than 4,000 hours of flight experience on more than 45 aircraft. He also joined NASA in 2013 and will experience his first space flight with Crow-5.

BingMag.com NASA sends astronauts on Boeing mission with SpaceX spacecraft

Graphic design of the Dragon SpaceX spacecraft
Credit: SpaceX

For more than 20 years, astronauts have been continuously living and working Sends to the International Space Station, which advances human science, demonstrates new technologies, and enables advances in Earth research. As a global effort, 242 people from 19 countries have visited this unique orbital laboratory, which has hosted more than 3,000 studies from 108 countries.

Source: SciTechDaily

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