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NASA's new space suit for the trip to the moon is designed by two private companies

BingMag.com <b>NASA's</b> <b>new</b> <b>space</b> <b>suit</b> for the <b>trip</b> to the <b>moon</b> is <b>designed</b> by <b>two</b> <b>private</b> companies

NASA announces its plan to buy new and more functional space suits from two private companies Axium space and Collins Aerospace, another step towards the re-landing of man on the moon After more than a decade of work to develop a new space suit by NASA itself, the agency announced that it was providing space suit services from two private companies, including Axiom space and Collins Aerospace will buy.

Each of these companies has the ability to use technologies that NASA has worked on, but is responsible for the overall development of the new space suits used. They are on the International space Station and their lunar surface activities. Axiom and Collins plan to show off their space suits to NASA by 2025, possibly during a spacewalk outside the International space Station.

This will be NASA's first new space suit in decades. "The previous suit has worked a lot for 40 years," said Vanessa Wyche, director of NASA's Johnson space Center. "These new costume capabilities will allow us to continue our operations on the International space Station, as well as advance the Artemis program and make our way to Mars."

As part of NASA's continued use of space With the goal of becoming one of the "many customers" of spaceflight, NASA will provide a limited guaranteed budget to support space clothing programs in Axiom and Collins.

However, for the most part From now until 2034, the budget will be paid through work orders. NASA's new announcement means that both companies will now be eligible for the proposed tender for space costume services, including ongoing maintenance, for Artemis lunar missions and off-site activities. The contract ceiling for all orders in this area is $ 3.5 billion.

NASA certainly has requirements for space suits, but leaves the overall design decision to the companies. This is part of the Agency's goal of giving private companies the freedom to innovate and design clothing that meets the needs of NASA and private customers.

One constant requirement, however, is the flexible design that astronauts have in Fit any size: new clothes should be suitable for a woman in the 5th percentile of the growth chart and a man in the 95th percentile of this chart. NASA hopes to move faster as the private sector becomes more efficient and better position taxpayers in terms of value creation.

Winners of new space Costume Design

Axiom space He is building his own private space station, and its CEO, Mike Suffredini, has stated that the company's customers definitely want a spacewalk. The award means that Axiom can hire an additional 300 employees to work on a space suit project that should now be operational in a dusty lunar environment.

Axim partners include KBR (KBR) , Air-Lock, David Clark Company (Paragon space Development Corporation) and Paragon space Development Corporation.

"Having The partnership, in which you can benefit from NASA's years of experience and all that they have done to advance the current design, is incredible, and now we, as a business company, can get in and work with them to create space costumes in a way that Make the lowest cost and be able to use it to meet your needs. " ) Will lead for this. The three companies have experience in space costume design, and Collins designed the Apollo space suit, which was used on the first landing on the moon.

"While Collins does not have a private space station, it intends to offer its space costume services to companies planning to build such bases in low-Earth orbit."

Opportunity failed. When NASA first announced the private space Costume Program, more than 40 companies were shortlisted as "Stakeholders" for what is officially known as Out-of-Exploration Services (xEVAS).

Blue Origin, Honeywell Aerospace, Leidos, Sierra space and SpaceX are other companies interested in clothing design. Were the space to bid.

Long way to go for new clothes

NASA has done several different programs over the past 14 years, usually by The agency's field center is being led to develop a new generation of space suits. During this time, NASA has spent $ 420 million on various space costume efforts, but these efforts have yielded limited results. Until early last year, NASA planned to build six xEMU space suits with the support of a contractor and vendor, and then enter into a contract to produce additional suits.

  • NASA Snoopy Lara Kearney, director of extraterrestrial activity and surface transport at the Johnson space Center, said: "It has finally been determined that the IAEA "Space should share what it has learned from the xEMU program with industry and allow space clothing to be developed from there."

    So we knew there was always a transition to industry in the future of our plans. But the question was when this transition should take place. With the knowledge we gained from xEMU, we decided to give these people the design responsibility and they would do it. "And the sooner we did that, the more likely we were to be able to make the right plans." It lands on the moon. However, independent studies of the Artemis program suggest that this date may be more than a reality for several reasons, including the need to prepare a lunar lander, space suit, and the management of lunar dust.

    Cover photo: Graphic design of moon astronauts in xEVA space costumes
    Credit: NASA

Source: Ars Technica

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