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NASA is looking to upgrade Hubble software to get it back to normal

BingMag.com NASA is looking to upgrade Hubble software to get it back to normal

NASA is reviewing some software settings for the Hubble Space Telescope in order to fix the problem and bring it back to scientific activity. p>

According to the agency's latest update, released on Friday, November 5, the recovery team will continue to test the telescope hardware to effectively command the "Scientific Instrument and Data Management Unit" tools. . The iconic space telescope has not been able to make scientific observations since its instruments went into "safe mode" in late October.

"It is the control that generates synchronization messages and sends them to scientific tools." The Agency is also considering changing the flight software of the tools to allow them to search for data sync messages without being in safe mode. The loss of the messages appears to have been due to a software flaw, according to NASA. , October 25 this year (November 3) due to a defect entered safe mode and can not currently monitor, but at the same time the agency has stressed that all instruments are safe. This is the third time that Hubble will be in safe mode in 2021.

Hubble is not going to be repaired in person, so specialists are working remotely to help. "The proposed solutions are first validated using ground-based simulations to ensure that they work properly," NASA said. The control unit reviews lost message data and the range of possible software software changes that could fix the problem. Collect cameras and observatory instruments. Last week, the team turned on parts of the Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS) to allow the team to detect the recurrence rate of the sync issue. NICMOS was retrieved last Monday, and no other data sync message has been lost since then. Start collecting scientific data as soon as possible. According to NASA, the ACS was chosen as the most appropriate tool to start the restart test because it is least likely to create additional stress in the space observatory complex.

NASA noted: Will also be tested to enable ACS. "The Hubble team is cautious about ensuring the safety of the instruments and avoiding additional pressures on the hardware."

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