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NASA has released a spectacular video of a solar eclipse on Mars

NASA has shared a spectacular video of an eclipse created by the passage of Phobos that a persistent astronaut managed to capture from the surface of Mars.

This video captures the real-time solar eclipse. Taken by the persistent rover "Mastcam-Z" camera in early April (mid-April), Phobos shows the Martian-shaped potato moon passing in front of the sun.

    Marsto learn more about Martian surface

Phobos observation helps scientists learn more about its orbit and how it gravitates to the surface of Mars , A phenomenon similar to the tides of the moon on Earth affecting the planet's crust and mantle. Another noteworthy point is that Phobos is getting closer to Mars and is projected to land on the planet for tens of millions of years to come.

Perseverance is not the first NASA rover to record a solar eclipse. . Eighteen years ago, NASA's twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity captured the first time-lapse photos of Phobos during an eclipse, as did another NASA rover Curiosity that continues to explore Mars today. He goes on to say that he used one of his cameras to capture similar images.

But a video like this is always a lot of fun for scientists working on Earth and on a planetary mission. "I knew the images would be good," said Rachel Howson of Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego and a member of the Advanced Camera team. "But I did not expect it to be that amazing." "When it came to us, it's like a birthday or a holiday, you give it to us," said the NASA scientist. "You know what's on the way, but there's still an amazing element when you see the end result."

Continues to find evidence of ancient microbial life on the Red Planet, while also collecting rock samples to be brought to Earth by another mission in the future. Phobos Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS/SSI

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