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NASA has contracted with five American companies for lunar development research

BingMag.com NASA has contracted with five American companies for lunar development research

NASA has entered into several contracts totaling more than $ 146 million with five companies, including SpaceX, Blue Origin and Dintics, to design a lunar concept. Develop the Artemis program.

Under the deal, $ 26.5 million will go to Blue Origin and $ 40.8 million to Dynetics. $ 35.2 million went to Lockheed Martin, $ 34.8 million to Northrop Grumman and $ 9.4 million to SpaceX. During the tender, only two companies that also submitted bids, including Blue Ridge Nebula Starlines and Cook & Chevalier Enterprises, were not awarded contracts.

It has been awarded to companies for "Exploratory Collaborations" or "NextSTEP-2" and Annex 2, which studies the system of sustainable human landing and mitigation. The tender, launched in early July, aims to "work with potential private partners for conceptual studies, consider the concept of a human landing system operation for ground and flight development, and reduce landing hazards."

A spokesman for Blue Origin said: Future level conceptual designs will help. "In this regard, we will work with several other NASA companies and field centers across the country." , But began to create a normal path for human space travel by the end of the 2020s. That way, NASA will not just settle for the moon, it wants to use it as a platform for interplanetary exploration, including to Mars.

" As a key partner of NASA and a positive example of business cooperation, Gramman has a proven track record of human space exploration. "We will continue to work with Blue Origin and the national team to achieve NASA's ambitious goals of returning to the moon and traveling to Mars." Man on the surface of the moon

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Source: Tech Crunch

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