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NASA changed the rules for private space travel

BingMag.com <b>NASA</b> <b>changed</b> the <b>rules</b> for <b>private</b> <b>space</b> travel

NASA has changed the rules for private space travel to make these missions more accurate and safer.

As more private astronauts enter space In space, NASA seeks to better regulate their journeys into Earth orbit. The space agency has just announced updates to the set of rules required for future private astronaut missions. including the requirement that all future missions must be piloted by a former NASA astronaut.

NASA on Monday released a list of updated rules, titled Appendix 1, "Authorization, Coordination, and Execution of private Astronaut Missions." (Private Astronaut Mission Authorization, Coordination, and Execution) or "PACE" will be documented.

This update is based on experiences gained during the first private mission to the International space Station. During that mission, the Axiom space company sent four astronauts to the International space Station in April. Michael Lpez-Alegra), but according to the new requirements, all future missions must also be led by a former NASA astronaut. For these missions, a NASA astronaut serves as the mission commander and directs the private astronauts during pre-flight and post-flight preparations.

Axiom space previously planned to fly future missions without a NASA astronaut. send space and take four rich customers to the International space Station instead of three. It is not yet clear how the new rules will affect the private space company's initial plan to launch private missions without a NASA astronaut in command.

The Ax-1 mission crew conducted several research experiments on the ISS, including A space helmet equipped with a brain activity recorder and the first two-way Holoportation experiment in space.

These astronauts include three wealthy investors and entrepreneurs named Larry Connor. , Mark Pathy and Eytan Stibbe, who had never been to space before. After landing on Earth, the crew admitted that they were overwhelmed by the amount of work they had to do on the ISS and that their schedule was too tight. The resident pressed on the station. Susan Helms, a former NASA astronaut and member of the space Safety Advisory Board, said: "Basically, the arrival of Axiom personnel seemed to have a greater than expected impact on the daily workload of the main astronauts on the International space Station." p>

The updated requirements now state that private missions must submit their research requests at least 12 months before the expected launch date to allow for a "feasibility and feasibility comparison".

private crew certainly had trouble adjusting to the microgravity environment. "We got up there and were really impressed," Lopez-Alegria said at a post-mission press conference. "Getting used to zero gravity is not an overnight task."

The new rules also require a special induction program for private missions to provide information to the public during training, pre-launch, in-orbit activities and return to Earth. Now NASA and Axiom space are preparing for a second private mission to the International space Station. This mission named "Ax-2" will be commanded by former NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson and is scheduled to be launched next spring.

Whitson during the time that A NASA astronaut, he has completed a total of 10 spacewalks, and this experience outside the station will come in handy as Ax-2 plans to be the first private mission to include a spacewalk outside the International space Station.

Cover photo : SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft on its first Axiom mission
Credit: SpaceX

Source: Gizmodo

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