multivitamins; Useful or completely useless?

The use of multivitamins has grown significantly in the past few decades, and many people believe that taking multivitamins can provide great benefits to their bodies. do It seems that multivitamins and such drugs can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. In this article, the general nature of multivitamins is investigated and also the relationship of this category of products with various acute and chronic diseases is analyzed. multivitamins; Useful or completely useless?

The use of multivitamins has grown significantly in the past few decades, and many people believe that taking multivitamins can provide great benefits to their bodies. do It seems that multivitamins and such drugs can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. In this article, the general nature of multivitamins is investigated and also the relationship of this category of products with various acute and chronic diseases is analyzed.

Multivitamins; Products suitable for everyone

Multivitamins are actually supplements that consist of a large number of vitamins and minerals. Of course, there is no standard definition of multivitamins that would indicate the exact number of vitamins in a composition. Depending on the type of company and the composition of minerals, multivitamins can be produced in a laboratory environment.

Multivitamins are not necessarily sold in the form of pills in pharmacies. This category of products are available in different types such as tablets, capsules, chewing gums, powder and even liquid form in the market. A special recipe is written for each type of multivitamin, but in general, most multivitamins should be taken one to two times a day. In any case, one should carefully read the instructions on the back of the medicine box.

What is in multivitamins? multivitamins; Useful or completely useless?

According to the studies that have been published so far in various circles, the presence of thirteen vitamins and fifteen minerals are essential for a person's health. In general, most vitamins and minerals are precursors for the secretion of enzymes and hormones. Also, the strengthening of the body's immune system and the optimal activity of the nervous system and organs are due to the presence of vitamins and minerals. Apart from these things, the human body looks at minerals and vitamins as nutrients for reproduction, stability, growth and regulation of body activities. Therefore, the lack of vitamins for any reason, whether inherent or acquired, can cause severe disorders in the human body. To solve this crisis, pharmacists have invented a product called multivitamins; A product that has become a routine product for consumption all over the world.

Some multivitamins may have compounds that are actually considered a type of pharmaceutical intervention.

Multivitamins are compounds that contain a large number of vitamins. And they become minerals. However, multivitamins may also contain fatty acids, plant substances, and amino acids, the smallest building blocks of a protein chain. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not as strict about multivitamin products as other chemical and herbal medicines. Therefore, a very wide range of multivitamins are consumed by people. However, it should not be taken to mean that taking multivitamins in any amount does not cause health problems.

In addition to the above, some multivitamins may contain compounds that are actually a type of be considered a medicinal intervention. Therefore, if a person is struggling with a specific or chronic disease, it is better to consult with your doctor before taking a specific multivitamin. If the product in question interferes with the healing process of the disease, the consumption of the multivitamin in question may have terrible and possibly fatal side effects.

Some multivitamins and medicinal supplements contain compounds that are Natural feed is obtained. For this reason, there is no requirement that multivitamins must be produced in a laboratory environment and artificially. Cardiovascular diseases are universal. Some doctors believe that taking multivitamins along with the main chemical drugs can prevent heart disease. This belief has become popular even though researchers are not of the same opinion in this regard. Some studies show that the consumption of multivitamins is related to reducing the risk of heart diseases such as stroke, while some other studies have not proven any beneficial effect in this regard. In a large human population study, no relationship was found between daily multivitamin intake and a reduced risk of heart attack. However, women who took certain multivitamins for at least three years appeared to have a lower risk of heart attacks. The controversial point here is how such a result was found only in women? In any case, based on the information that is currently available, it is not possible to issue a definitive verdict on whether or not multivitamins are useful for heart disease.

Multivitamins and Cancer Treatment multivitamins; Useful or completely useless?

Documents and documents about the usefulness of multivitamins for treating human cancers are similar. with heart diseases; In the sense that some scientists believe that multivitamins are considered a very good tool to fight cancer, and others have an opposite view on this issue. Of course, in the meantime, there are other findings that are not good news for big fans of multivitamins.

In some studies, multivitamins can increase the risk of cancer. These findings are in contrast to studies that, according to researchers, show no link between multivitamins and cancer. The most controversial point about the relationship between multivitamins and cancer is that multivitamins do not work in the same way in men and women with cancer. In a study conducted on nearly fifty thousand patients, very interesting and thought-provoking findings were obtained. A 31% reduction in cancer risk was seen in men who took multivitamins. This is despite the fact that no statistically significant effect was obtained in the women of the statistical population of this study. There are other studies to investigate the long-term effect of multivitamins, which show that a reduction in cancer-related diseases is seen in both sexes. However, there are many other studies in reputable magazines and journals, based on their findings, there is no relationship between the improvement of the current condition of a cancer patient and the use of multivitamins in the short and long term.

The benefits of taking multivitamins

Multivitamins are not necessarily supposed to be used to treat a disease. Scientists are routinely evaluating the protective effect of multivitamins on different body organs; Because they seek to find an answer to this very important question: Do multivitamins have other benefits for human health? Finding a decisive, accurate, clear and reliable answer is considered a point of discussion among scientists and researchers in the field of nutrition sciences. According to numerous articles published in journals, benefits of multivitamins have been obtained in eye health and brain function.

Brain function

Based on various studies conducted on models In a different lab, taking multivitamins seems to have benefits in the brain. Multivitamins can improve the condition of memory in the brain of elderly people. On the other hand, multivitamins seem to have good effects on mood and emotions. Not only are bad moods and malnutrition related to each other, there is also a linear relationship between nutritional supplements and multivitamins with the reduction of symptoms related to depression and anxiety. However, according to some studies, multivitamins do not lead to any changes in the mood of the user.

Eye health

Age-related macular degeneration is one of the most important causes of It is considered universal for human blindness. In a study, it was determined that antioxidant vitamins and minerals can prevent the development of the mentioned disease and even prevent the disease. Also, the consumption of multivitamins gives a person the power to protect against other common eye diseases such as cataracts for a longer period of time.

Disadvantages of using multivitamins multivitamins; Useful or completely useless?

Multivitamins are not always supposed to be beneficial! This point should always be remembered. The dosage is considered a very vital factor for the consumption of multivitamins. Although very high doses of some vitamins and minerals are acceptable for most people, high doses of such products are harmful. Maybe this question is stuck in your mind right now, how can you consider the optimal dose for a multivitamin product? In answer to this question, we must talk about an important parameter. The optimal dosage can depend on the solubility of the vitamin. In general, vitamins are divided into two general categories based on this parameter:

  • Water-soluble vitamins: The human body excretes excess amounts of vitamins through urine.
  • Fat-soluble vitamins: Since the human body faces a challenge in eliminating these vitamins, excess amounts of fat-soluble vitamins accumulate in the liver.

Pregnant women should be extremely cautious in consuming vitamin A; Because according to various studies, it seems that excess amount of vitamin A is related to cognitive disorders. Vitamin D poisoning, on the other hand, is extremely rare, and there is a very small chance that a person will get this type of poisoning just by taking multivitamins. However, vitamin A poisoning is more common in different societies.

Smokers should strictly avoid multivitamins that contain very high amounts of beta-carotene or vitamin A; Because the risk of lung cancer in this group of people will be much higher than others. Of course, only vitamins in large amounts are not problematic for the health of the body. Minerals in very high doses can cause serious disorders in the body make a figure For example, a high dose of some important minerals such as iron can have destructive effects on the stomach and also lead to adverse effects such as constipation, vomiting and fainting. Also, iron can limit the body's ability to absorb zinc. In any case, you should pay special attention to taking iron pills and multivitamins that contain this substance. Men should be more aware of iron consumption than women; Because men can store more iron than women. Iron in very large amounts can cause hemochromatosis in a person. A person suffering from this disease has internal problems. This disease can cause poisoning caused by a large amount of minerals and, as a result, cirrhosis of the liver can occur in a person. Also, liver cancer and heart diseases may continue to threaten a person's life. Patients who have such signs and symptoms should avoid taking vitamin C separately.

One of the most important issues that scientists in the field of nutrition science research on is the process of processing and producing vitamins. If the vitamin is disrupted during the process, this defect can have negative effects on other cases as well. Accordingly, multivitamins must reach the production stage according to a specific protocol. If a person encounters physical and mental problems while consuming and using multivitamins, it is necessary to consider a possibility that the product in question has not gone through the production process correctly.

Should I Should I take multivitamins? multivitamins; Useful or completely useless?

In various articles published on Persian and even English-language websites, the benefits are often Multivitamins are mentioned. Encouraging the general public to consume nutritional, pharmaceutical and multivitamin supplements using textual and even visual articles is one of the most attractive and perhaps the most challenging methods for marketing multivitamin products. Challenging in the sense that authors and copywriters are trying to prove with reason and evidence that a certain multivitamin product can prevent a series of diseases or even prevent the development of disorders and physical diseases. The problem is precisely here that it is not possible to issue a definitive verdict for the use of most multivitamins. Some cases, such as the adverse effects of vitamin A, have been proven, but some other benefits and side effects are still not 100% accepted by scientists and researchers. Therefore, not only is there no consistent scientific and reliable information about multivitamins, but researchers are still investigating various parameters affecting multivitamins.

With all these interpretations, multivitamins are beneficial for all people in a society. It is not supposed to be a continuous result and as mentioned before, multivitamins can also have disadvantages. However, two groups of people can easily take multivitamins. There are two categories of people who should include multivitamins regularly in their diet:

  • Elderly: Generally, vitamin B12 absorption decreases with age. decreases. Also, older people may need more calcium and vitamin D.
  • Vegans: Vitamin B12 is only found in animal meat foods. Therefore, people who want to spend the rest of their lives on a strict all-vegetarian diet face a significant challenge. In order to improve the quality of life of vegetarians, scientists have included the consumption of multivitamins containing vitamin B12 in the diet of this segment of society. However, nutritional deficiencies of vegans are not limited to vitamin B12 deficiency. They will suffer from the lack of calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin D and of course omega-3 fatty acid in their body. For this reason, taking multivitamins is extremely important for vegetarians. Otherwise, the health of people who have switched to vegetarianism will be compromised in the long run.
  • People who have undergone a surgery: After various surgeries, the patient It runs the risk of losing too many vitamins. If the patient experiences significant weight loss after surgery, the risk of vitamin deficiency should be considered much more seriously than in other scenarios. In this case, while strengthening the person's diet, he should be given nutritional supplements and multivitamins until the person's food and nutritional status is balanced so that the person's energy and vitamin intake does not fall below a certain level.

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