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Moto 30X overheating is related to its 1st generation Snapdragon 8 chipset

Qualcomm has unveiled the 1st generation Snapdragon 8 chipset that we are going to see in 2022 flagship phones. Motorola recently unveiled the Moto Edge 30X as the first smartphone to feature a 1st generation Snapdragon 8 processor. Like most smartphones in the early days of the release, the Moto Edge 30X seems to struggle with overheating, one of which is overheating.

It should be noted that the Snapdragon chipset The 8th generation is based on 4nm processing technology and is based on the new and advanced ARMv9 architecture. The company claims that this processor is 10% faster than its predecessor, the Snapdragon 888 chipset. The Snapdragon 8G processor is said to have no problems with the previous generation processor, but according to recent reports, these claims may not be true.

BingMag.com <b>Moto</b> <b>30X</b> <b>overheating</b> is <b>related</b> to its <b>1st</b> <b>generation</b> <b>Snapdragon</b> 8 chipset

The world-famous technology revealer, Ice Universe, says that the problem of the Snapdragon 888 chipset overheating may also be present in the 1st generation Snapdragon 8 processor. Apparently, this problem has been observed in the first smartphone that came with this processor, namely Moto Edge 30X. The whistleblower explains that in a test of the Snapdragon 8th generation processor, the chipset was very hot, which could be due to thermal problems in one of its components.

In addition, heat issues can occur in phones Smart of other companies also occur. It is worth noting that the previous Snapdragon 888 and 888 Plus chipsets were based on a 5-nanometer architecture. On the other hand, the 1st generation Snapdragon 8 processor is based on the smaller 4-nanometer processing technology. This build-up seems to have no effect on the phone's warm-up problem.

Many smartphones from manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Riley, OnePlus, Samsung, etc. are expected to use Qualcomm's new processor. These phones may also have problems with overheating due to their processor. For example, playing games and watching movies for a long time with these phones may cause the phone to heat up abnormally, at least as seen in Motorola's new Moto Edge 30X smartphone.

In addition, the manufacturers Android smartphones have tried to make flat-body phones. This allows all the components of the phone to be assembled into a smaller frame, which may increase heating problems. In this regard, the plastic frames used in most phones can double the problems caused by the heat generated by the phone. As you probably know, heat is the main enemy of phone components and parts, and if it continues, it will greatly shorten the life of the phone parts.

As mentioned above, Motorola has about a few The day before, the Moto Edge 30X was unveiled. Naturally, the most important category that raises the expectations of this phone is its beating heart, namely the 1st generation Snapdragon 8 chip; A processor that uses 8 cores in the order of 1 + 3 + 4 and uses 9th generation ARM technology. Thus, it must be said that Motorola's flagship will have an extraordinary performance in terms of processing power.

In the camera part of this phone, we see the presence of 3 lenses in the back cover, which are 2 main 50-megapixel and ultra-wide sensors and a 2-sensor Megapixels for taking portrait photos make up the phone's rear camera system. Motorola's new phone uses a 60-megapixel lens to take selfies as well as support for 4K video.

BingMag.com <b>Moto</b> <b>30X</b> <b>overheating</b> is <b>related</b> to its <b>1st</b> <b>generation</b> <b>Snapdragon</b> 8 chipset

The Moto Edge X30 is equipped with a 67.6-inch OLED display that offers Full HD + resolution with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, making it one of the smoothest and highest quality displays used in smartphones. This Motorola smartphone runs Android 12 by default. The power supply for the Moto Edge X30 will be a 5000 mAh battery that supports a 68-watt fast charge. Other specifications of this phone include the IP52 standard certificate, under-screen fingerprint scanner, in-box charger and stereo speakers.

Motorola is priced at only $ 470, which seems to be the cheapest and most expensive. Know the existing flagship with the mentioned chip. However, this chipset is 35% faster and 25% more efficient than the previous generation processor, so that Motorola's $ 470 flagship can far outperform current competitors over $ 1,000 in terms of power and speed. Motorola Moto 30X is currently the only phone on the market that uses a 1st generation Snapdragon 8 processor. Soon, other phones with the same chipset from different companies will enter the smartphone market, and it remains to be seen whether they will face similar problems.

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