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Microsoft will hold a training event on November 9th

BingMag.com Microsoft will hold a training event on November 9th

Microsoft has announced that it will be holding an event focusing on education and training technologies on Tuesday this week (November 9).

Microsoft has recently introduced a two-in-one laptop with a Surface Go 3, which the company considers to be a cost-effective and good option. However, some people think that a new piece of hardware may be unveiled at the Microsoft Tuesday event.

BingMag.com Microsoft will hold a training event on November 9th

Join us at 9 a.m. (19:30 Iranian time) on Tuesday, November 9 to take a look at the educational gaps caused by the Corona virus epidemic. Deeply have technological solutions to solve problems and share them together. Listen to Microsoft partners, school principals and some special guests at this event and learn about the latest Microsoft Education technologies.

This event took place about a month after the release of Windows 11, Microsoft's new operating system. It becomes. With this in mind, the company will also provide details on future training updates for Windows 11.

Microsoft's vague reference to "new and existing technology" probably suggests that we may be able to see new hardware in this event as well. . The company recently unveiled a wave of new Surface products at an event in September, but may not have completed its work to introduce new hardware in 2021.

  • Microsoft announces expiration of some Windows 11 programs

Source: TheVerge

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