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Microsoft Thames competes with 3D avatars with Metavars project

BingMag.com Microsoft Thames competes with 3D avatars with Metavars project

Microsoft announced just days after Facebook changed its name in an attempt to display the idea of MetaVers to Meta that the company's Thames software It is to be equipped with virtual workspace and 3D avatars to compete with Metavars. This interactive work environment, called Mesh, will be part of Microsoft's big effort to combine its business services with the company's HoloLens augmented reality project, which comes with sessions and video calls, and everyone can participate thanks to animated avatars.

BingMag.com Microsoft Thames competes with 3D avatars with Metavars project

It seems that Facebook and Microsoft are competing a lot to create a better workspace and interaction in Metavars. They started the heat together today. Microsoft Mesh is mentioned as the future of the company's workspace, which will probably take place in the first half of 2022. Several months after telecommuting people around the world, Microsoft has added new tools such as Together Mode to the Thames to make sessions more interactive. Nicole Herskowitz, CEO of Microsoft Thames, has announced that the tool will be used to reduce the fatigue of virtual workshops. You do not need to use virtual reality headsets to use them, and these avatars are displayed in two-dimensional and three-dimensional world. So if you do not want to turn on your webcam, you can use your own animated version. Microsoft wants to create a meta-transformation for businesses with pervasive spaces and Mesh integration with Thames. Creating these spaces in the Thames allows people to communicate and play games, and even in these spaces, Microsoft apps can be used to participate in projects.

Microsoft uses artificial intelligence to listen to people's voices It uses and then moves your avatar. If you want to go to more comprehensive 3D sessions, this avatar also raises its hand when you are looking to raise your hand. These virtual environments will obviously work best with virtual reality or augmented reality headsets, but thanks to the animated avatar function, there is no need to do so. The Microsoft Thames also supports translation and transcription capabilities on the platform, so you can communicate with colleagues in different countries without language restrictions.

The tech giant has been able to use 3D avatars and spaces since the first half of 2022. Will provide virtualization for its users. Businesses can create their own virtual spaces or metamorphoses within the Thames. As you know, last week Facebook announced its name change to Meta. This change, however, is not just a change of name and logo, but the beginning of future meta (Facebook) projects. They are now working on two main areas of the future family of applications and platforms. The meaning of future platforms is the same as Metavers. "I hope to be seen as a meta-company over time," Zuckerberg said. "We want to establish our identity and our work based on what we are building."

BingMag.com Microsoft Thames competes with 3D avatars with Metavars project

Metavars seeks transformation, a major transformation in the world of digital reality. This time, augmented reality is supposed to help virtual reality to create new and different experiences. Virtual reality is purely virtual and imaginative, but augmented reality helps to incorporate sound, visual elements and other sensory inputs into the user experience. According to Zuckerberg, social media, online games and cryptocurrencies are also included to allow users to interact virtually. Naturally, this super-project did not reach the mind of the Facebook R&D team overnight and will not develop overnight. It was in 2014 that Facebook spent $ 2.3 billion to buy Oculus. The company is a manufacturer of headsets and virtual reality equipment. Facebook announced at the time that it was preparing for future platforms. Less than a month ago, Fisuk announced a $ 50 million allocation for the Metavers project over the next two years. The company said at the time that the project would be completed in collaboration with various companies, and that some of its products could take 10 to 15 years to complete.

It looks like Facebook and Microsoft intend to They have to compete with each other in this field of technology and finally it must be seen which of the two technology giants of the world can appear more successful in this complex path than the other.

Source: TheVerge

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