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Microsoft takes LinkedIn out of China

Microsoft, the American technology giant, announced today that it will take its social network, LinkedIn, out of the Chinese market later this year. The company bought LinkedIn in 2016 for $ 26 billion. The news comes as tensions between China and Microsoft have risen. Two weeks ago, Microsoft was severely reprimanded for its decision to block the profiles of some American journalists in China.

Microsoft shut down LinkedIn in China about seven years after its launch. It will be easier to replace this platform, which is limited to jobs only. LinkedIn was the only American social network operating in China. The government requires these platforms to comply with strict rules and regulations, which may be one of the reasons for the service leaving China.

BingMag.com Microsoft takes LinkedIn out of China

Microsoft is the only American company that finds it difficult to balance the authoritarian demands of the Chinese government with its business goals. The company has chosen a not-so-suitable approach to this problem, which will probably become more difficult to solve over time. The American tech giant now has two options on its table; It can either respond positively to requests from the Chinese government to restrict access to the personal profiles of some journalists, or take no specific action. Microsoft seems to have chosen the second option.

LinkedIn posted a blog post: "We are facing a challenging business environment. "This social network has not experienced the same level of success in China in terms of social sharing and awareness around the world." The service also added that in its decision to enter the Chinese market in 2014, Microsoft made adhering to the Chinese government's requirements on the Internet a top priority.

LinkedIn said that this change in Microsoft's approach The Chinese people's access to the LinkedIn platform will change later this year. Microsoft shares rose about 1.6 percent in trading this morning. In other words, investors do not seem to be paying attention to the tensions between Microsoft and LinkedIn. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The Chinese Communist Party, for example, has made changes to its domestic markets that could limit its business future to foreign companies.

BingMag.com Microsoft takes LinkedIn out of China

LinkedIn has announced that it will replace its Chinese service, where some content is restricted due to regulatory requirements, with a new portal called InJobs. The new service, which launches later this year, will not include social feeds or the ability to share posts or articles. Signs of the problem first appeared in March. LinkedIn said at the time that it would stop accepting new members of its Chinese service while trying to ensure compliance with Chinese regulations.

Last year, when the Trump administration tried To arrange for Microsoft to buy TickTock, CEO Satya Nadella called the move "the strangest project I've ever worked on." Meanwhile, the company's extraordinary soft power in the country was a feature that increased the feasibility of this transaction. With the exception of GitHub and Amazon review systems, LinkedIn was the only foreign-owned platform allowed to host content produced by Chinese users.

LinkedIn ban in China is not the first time Microsoft has complied with China Gives a positive answer. In 2016, the company also released an exclusive version of Windows 10 for China, which had more control and monitoring capabilities. In addition to Microsoft, other large technology companies have suspended their services in China due to Chinese government regulations. These include Facebook and Twitter in 2009 and Google in 2010. In 2021, Signal and Club House applications were blocked in China. Currently, only Amazon and Github review systems are major foreign platforms hosting content produced by Chinese users.

According to Reuters, LinkedIn, acquired by Microsoft in 2016, is among the most Employers, employees and job seekers are very popular because they have similar social networking capabilities that make it easier to communicate with each other and at the same time allow them to build their own professional network.

Source: TechCrunch

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