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The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 was unveiled with a 13-inch 120Hz display

BingMag.com The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 was unveiled with a 13-inch 120Hz display

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 8 tablet as its newest and most powerful 2-in-1 tablet in its online event a few minutes ago.

The Surface Pro series tablets are one of the best products released by Microsoft in recent years. In fact, these products can not be considered tablets because the company itself considers them 2-in-1 products; It means a combination of tablet and laptop. The latest product in the series was unveiled a few minutes ago under the name Surface Pro 8, which Microsoft itself considers to be the biggest upgrade among Surface Pro tablets since the 3rd generation; The tablet was unveiled and launched in 2014.

Although we have seen changes in the design and capabilities of the Surface Pro over the past few years, these changes culminated with the 8th generation and saw an incredibly beautiful, efficient product. And we are attractive with good capabilities. One of the most important changes that the Surface Pro 8 has made compared to its predecessor is its 120Hz display, which has smaller margins and a larger display. Support for the Thunderbolt 4 port, a new keyboard with the ability to hide the Surface Slim Pen 2, and many more are some of the good features that we see in Microsoft's Surface Pro 8.

With the capabilities of this tablet, it is said that Microsoft gathered all the strengths of the Surface Pro X and used an Intel processor as its beating heart to get the product that we have been waiting for for years.

The display that Microsoft for The tablet is considered to be 13 inches large, and Microsoft has named it PixelSense Flow. In addition to being larger than most 12.3-inch displays used on most Surf Proes, it also has small margins to make it appear larger than it actually is. It also has a higher image resolution and uses features such as Dolby Vision and color matching technology. So we're definitely in for a big breakthrough.

The larger display with fewer bezels on the sides of the Surface Pro 8 makes it more like the Surface Pro X. But the most important feature in this section, as mentioned, is the 120Hz refresh rate. Of course, this tablet is set to 60 Hz by default, but it automatically increases to 120 Hz to do things with the stylus or touch of the device.

Another advantage of the Surface Pro 8 display is that it benefits from Windows 11 has Dynamic Refresh Rate capability. The use of this feature is quite similar to the technology that Apple has used in products equipped with its promotion display or Samsung in the LTPO display of its phones. The task is that depending on the type of activity you are doing, the tablet changes its refresh rate to consume less charge. Microsoft has included this feature for a better and smoother experience when touching different options on the screen, and the end result seems to be amazing in action.

The Surface Pro 8 also features a new keyboard that There is space for the Slim Pen 2. In fact, the stylus is hidden in this area and the user can access it by dragging the keyboard down. In appearance, this keyboard and stylus are exactly the same accessories used in the Surface Pro X.

The stylus that Microsoft considered for the Surface Pro 8 is a charger, located in the same place. Which is on the screen is charged. Inside, motors are used to instill a real sense of writing in the user. In such a way that when you draw with the pen on the screen, it is as if you are really writing with a pen. The pen latency has also been significantly reduced in this generation, mainly due to the improved stylus design.

The Surface Pro 8's hardware capabilities are also very attractive. Microsoft finally added the Thunderbolt 4 port to the tablet and removed the USB-A port from it. Thus, this product now comes to market with two USB-C ports of Thunderbolt 4 and the same famous charger port of Surface Connect. This way, the user will be able to connect the Surface Pro 8 to various monitors with 4K resolution, use high-speed external memory, or even connect an external graphic to the tablet and use it as a powerful gaming computer.>

The Surface Pro 8 will be launched with an 11th generation Intel processor that also has 4 processor cores. Along with this processor, the model of which has not been determined yet, you will have up to 32 GB of RAM so that all your activities can be completed with the highest possible speed and quality. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not said anything about the price or release date of this tablet, but Windows 11 will be officially available on October 5 (October 13). So the Surface Pro 8 is expected to hit the market soon.

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Source: The Verge

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