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Microsoft makes it possible to develop a widget for Windows 11

BingMag.com <b>Microsoft</b> <b>makes</b> it <b>possible</b> to <b>develop</b> a <b>widget</b> for <b>Windows</b> 11

Microsoft announced during its Build 2022 developer conference that it plans to add support for third-party widgets to Windows 11 later this year.

Microsoft talked about a lot of things today during its developer conference. Although there was not much talk about Windows 11 features at this conference, we realized that later this year, the operating system was going to get a new feature; Support for third-party widgets.

This change, while not surprising, is a good feature. If you've been following the news of Windows updates, you probably know that many users have been eagerly awaiting the addition of third-party widgets to Windows. Windows 11 currently only supports native widgets, but it seems that even if Microsoft did not announce the addition of third-party widgets to the operating system, this would eventually happen; Because Microsoft is said to have done this in its plans.

There are currently only 11 widgets available in Windows 11, including weather, sports, games, pictures, movie playlists, Entertainment, traffic, To Do (daily to-do list), Out Look calendar, Family Safety and tips. Of course, the weather widget receives an update, even in the left corner of the toolbar, even displays the temperature. However, it is not possible to replace it with another widget, for example, see the information of something else in this section.

Widgets in Windows 11 are in a special panel, which was previously in the middle of the toolbar But now it has been moved to the bottom left of the page. That is, exactly where the weather information is displayed. Of course, if you migrated from older Windows to Windows 11, you probably think you should have seen the Windows logo in this section, but this is not the case.

However, this section does not seem to change much. , Except for the one mentioned above, ie support for third-party widgets. This means you can add widgets from different applications to it. Of course, if those applications have a widget. This change is useful because you can find out the status of many applications without having to open them. Just like the application that widgets have in smartphones.

Windows 11 developers can design widgets through Win32 and PWA applications. Microsoft has also added a new feature for Dev-category insiders (developers) that may even allow widgets to be added to the desktop environment in the future. Now we have to see what happens because no specific news has been published in this regard.

Source: XDA-Developers <// a>

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