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Microsoft has relaunched the Windows 11 PC Health Check app

Microsoft today released a new version of the Windows 11 PC Health Check application that changed the requirements for installing this version of Windows.

At the unveiling of Windows 11, Microsoft also unveiled the PC Health Check app. Users who were interested in installing the new operating system of the American company would find out by installing this application whether their system is able to receive this operating system or not.

If you are aware of the news related to Windows 11, you know that Microsoft is in a difficult situation. Considered to install it. The company initially announced that users using 8th generation processors and above would be able to install Windows 11 on their system. Secure Boot should also be enabled in the BIOS panel so that the user can safely install Windows 11 on their system. Informed that his system was eligible for the new operating system. But shortly afterwards, criticism was leveled at Microsoft's policy of cracking down on non-release of Windows 11 for older systems. That's why the US company had to make it unavailable and release another version of it, which happened today.

The Windows 11 PC Health Check app is now available for download, and To install that system, you must use a 64-bit processor with at least 1 GHz frequency, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, otherwise you will definitely encounter the error of not installing Windows 11. The other limitation of TPM 2.0 is still there and you have to enable it through the BIOS.

Despite all the rigors, there are still a lot of devices that have the minimum hardware specifications but are able to get They are not Windows 11. Intel 7-generation processors down and Raizen 2G chips are among the processors that do not support Windows 11 despite the high hardware capacity. . If users of systems with these processors sign up for Microsoft's Insider program to download Windows 11 and have problems with this operating system, it will not be possible to release Windows 11 for them. If there are no particular issues, Microsoft will also add Intel 7th generation and Raizen 2 processors to the list of processors supported by Windows 11. Of course, this will happen when the official version of Windows 11 is released.

Currently, only a handful of Intel 7th generation processors survive the PC Health Check application of Windows 11, and They support it. These processors include Core i7-7820HQ and Core X and Xeon W processors. Products with Qualcomm 850 and newer processors, as well as some 2nd generation Raizen processors, also support Windows 11. But the names of these processors have not been announced yet.

Wanting to look for your processor model in the list of supported processors will definitely be a difficult and time-consuming process, so it is recommended to use the PC Health Check Windows application from this link. Download and install 11 to make sure your system is eligible. (The size of the application is about 14 MB).

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