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Microsoft has opened up third-party app stores to Windows

Amazon and the Epic Games Store are among the first third-party app stores to enter the Microsoft Store. Microsoft today unveiled its app store in the Windows version and invited third-party app stores to join its store. "It's a good thing that we're going to see both the Amazon Store and Epic Games in the Microsoft Store in the coming months," explains Giorgio Sardo, General Manager of Microsoft Store. Another app has a dedicated page to describe themselves that will be easily accessible through search. So that users can easily and safely install them from the Microsoft Store. "Today we announce that the major apps in the Amazon Store and Epic Games will be added to the Microsoft Store in the next few months." The original Amazon Store and Epic Games were also released to the Microsoft Store. Not only will Windows 10 and 11 stores be reviewed, but Microsoft will also allow developers to earn 100% of their revenue if they use payment platforms for paid apps. But that won't be the case for gaming apps.

In June, Microsoft CEO Panos Panayi told The Verge that the Microsoft Store would be ready for Steam and other third-party apps. To become a member of the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. While Steam is not yet on the list of applications to enter the Microsoft Store, it looks set to happen in the near future.

BingMag.com Microsoft has opened up third-party app stores to Windows

Microsoft now allows major third-party applications to be embedded in the Microsoft Windows version store. This does not mean that apps and games from other stores will be available for installation, but their main apps will be listed in users' search results.

It looks like Microsoft's partnership with Amazon is a little different. Is. Microsoft is set to open up Android apps to Windows 11, which will allow Amazon Store apps to be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store. A preview of the merger between Amazon and Microsoft will be available in Windows Insider soon. Popular apps like Discord, VLC, Zoom, TeamViewer and Visual Studio Code are all in the current Microsoft Store. Even web-based applications (PWAs) such as Reddit, TickTock, Wikipedia, Tumblr, and more are available to users. You can now install any browser in the Microsoft Store. Not bad to know that both Opera and Yandex browsers have benefited from new Microsoft policies.

Source: TheVerge

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