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Microsoft has been supporting the Surface Duo 2 for three years

BingMag.com Microsoft has been supporting the Surface Duo 2 for three years

With the official announcement of Microsoft, the company's new clamshell phone, Surface Duo 2, will be supported by the company for three years in terms of software and security.

At the recent Microsoft Surface event, the Surface Duo 2 clamshell smartphone was unveiled. The product, of course, is not a real clamshell phone, but consists of a hinge and two screens connected to it, which the user must open to use the phone. Unlike Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi clamshell phones, which have a secondary display for working with the phone without having to open it. Attractive features and facilities were added to it, the most important of which is the display of date and time on the back of the hinges. Also, the first version of this phone was not very popular with users because it did not have good conditions in terms of hardware. The new model, however, has apparently come to reconcile users with Microsoft once again. Update slowly. Of course, the American company made the same claim when the Surface Duo was unveiled, but this phone still uses Android 10, while Android 12 will be officially unveiled soon. Microsoft has said that it is working on the Android 11 update for this product, but it is not clear when we should see its official release for the Surface Duo.

BingMag.com Microsoft has been supporting the Surface Duo 2 for three years BingMag.com Microsoft has been supporting the Surface Duo 2 for three years

Microsoft has been widely criticized for the Surface Duo, and has been working hard to improve it in terms of software and It was hardware. But for the Surface Duo 2, which will apparently go on the market with Android 11, serious decisions must be made. When we will finally see the release of Android 12 for this product should not be a concern for Microsoft users. Of course, if the Redmondians want to have a really successful performance in the market. The new display is a very fast and powerful processor, and in general, a relatively noticeable change in appearance. The phone also now supports NFC and is slightly curved at the sides so that notifications are clearly visible when the device is closed.

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