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Microsoft became the most valuable company in the world by beating Apple

BingMag.com Microsoft became the most valuable company in the world by beating Apple

Yesterday, the total value of Microsoft shares surpassed Apple and became the most valuable public company in the world. The change follows the release of Apple's latest financial report. The report cites the company's excellent performance, but on the other hand, Apple has lost about $ 6 billion due to supply chain constraints. On the other hand, Microsoft released its financial report on Thursday, which stated that sales of Office, Windows and cloud-based services were excellent.

Before the US stock market closed due to the holidays Over the weekend, the total value of Microsoft shares reached about $ 2.49 trillion, but the value of Apple shares is about 2.46 trillion. It should be noted that this is not the first time that Microsoft has surpassed Apple in this regard. The same thing happened in 2018 and 2020, and Alphabet also overtook Apple in 2016.

BingMag.com Microsoft became the most valuable company in the world by beating Apple

Apple is the first American company to cross the $ 1 trillion mark in 2018 And only about two years later, it was able to register as the first American company with a value of more than $ 2 trillion. Products such as the iPhone, AirPad and MacBook continue to sell well around the world, so it is likely to once again be the number one market player in the near future.

  • Apple surpasses Xiaomi became the second largest phone maker in the world

Source: The Verge

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