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Microsoft announces end of OneDrive update in Windows 7 and 8

BingMag.com Microsoft announces end of OneDrive update in Windows 7 and 8

Microsoft announced in a post that OneDrive users in Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 from March 1, 2022 can not access their content with the cloud Sync. According to Microsoft, if DriveDrive is installed on a system other than Windows 10 or Windows 11, it will no longer receive updates. They will be, but they will no longer be automatically uploaded to the cloud. To avoid any problems with using the OneDrive program, Microsoft recommends that you upgrade to a newer version of Windows before March next year, so that you can use the new features and use the OneDrive program without any problems. For systems that can't run Windows 10 or Windows 11, Microsoft says users can still back up their files by uploading them to the OneDrive web version.

BingMag.com Microsoft announces end of OneDrive update in Windows 7 and 8

In addition to stopping updates and syncing, Microsoft will cut support for Windows Drive in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 from January 1 next year. According to Microsoft, the reason for this change is "the focus of resources on new technologies and operating systems and providing the most up-to-date and secure experience for users." The Windows 8 life cycle ended in 2016, and Microsoft supports Windows Stopped 8.1 in 2018 and Windows 7 in 2020. Now that Microsoft is planning to end support for Windows 10 in 2025, you need to get ready to upgrade and install Windows 11. If your system hardware specs support Windows 11, we recommend that you update your system as soon as possible to take advantage of its attractive features.

Windows 11 users can take advantage of the newer version of the Microsoft Store that It offers more attractive features than the previous version. In addition to various features, its user interface has also been improved. Microsoft has greatly reduced the limitations of this environment, so you will soon be able to install all kinds of popular programs through the same App Store. Undoubtedly, one of the most important new parts of Windows 11 is its settings, which attracts a lot of attention thanks to its attractive and simple user interface. We also see more options in this area than Windows 10, and Microsoft wants to completely replace this control panel environment. As always, by pressing the Windows + i keys, you can use the settings section.

BingMag.com Microsoft announces end of OneDrive update in Windows 7 and 8

in Windows 11 Clicking on one of the WiFi, speaker or battery icons will bring up the Quick Settings menu. In this section, you can enable and disable items such as Bluetooth, WiFi and other such items. You also have access to a volume slider and screen brightness. In general, this environment has a simpler and better design than the action center. In this Windows, the process of grouping windows has become much simpler and easier, and you can easily arrange the windows related to different programs in 6 different patterns. Although Windows 10 offers a similar feature, now with the mouse cursor on the icon to enlarge the window, you are faced with 6 options related to this feature.

Windows 10 is also a virtual desktop or According to Microsoft, it supports "desktops", but in Windows 11 they have become easier and more accessible. By default, after installing the new operating system, a button with two black and white rectangles will appear in the taskbar. Place the cursor on it and click on New Desktop to have more workspace. This feature allows you to access more applications quickly and without the need for an additional physical display. Windows 11 comes with an extensive overview of the software's appearance. So everything looks more modern and can be said to be specifically designed for today's devices. So if your system hardware supports Windows 11, do not hesitate to install it.

Source: TheVerge

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