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Microsoft announced the price of Office 2021

Microsoft has set the official price and release date for Office applications. The company has announced that they will see many of the features of the Microsoft 365 service in Office 2021 as well, announcing that they intend to release the PC and Mac versions of Office 2021's core applications to users around the world.

BingMag.com Microsoft announced the price of Office 2021

Also, the Microsoft 365 Family subscription fee is set at $ 9.99 per month for a maximum of six people, or $ 99.99 per year. Updates to the company's apps will begin on October 5, 2021, and the Microsoft Thames will be available to users from November. will be. This version will include PowerPoint, Word, Excel, OneNote, and Microsoft Times applications for PCs and MacBooks. The Microsoft Office Home & Business version includes all the applications available in Office Home and Student 2021 and the Outlook application. The subscription fee for the Home & Business version is $ 249.99.

Microsoft Office 2021 will be available in both Home & Student and Home & Office versions from October 5, 2021 (October 13) Is placed.

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