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Microsoft announced the biggest DDoS attack on record

BingMag.com Microsoft announced the biggest DDoS attack on record

Microsoft announced that in August this year it was able to control the DDoS attack at a speed of 2.4 terabits per second. The attack targeted a Microsoft Azure user in Europe, 140 percent more than Microsoft's highest attack bandwidth in 2020. It also exceeded the maximum traffic volume of 2.3 terabits per second, which was the largest attack on Amazon web services last year.

Microsoft says the attack lasted more than 10 minutes and the traffic in The shortfall is very high, reaching 2.4Tbps, 0.55Tbps and finally 1.7Tbps. DDoS attacks are usually performed offline due to a flood of traffic that the web host cannot handle. They are usually done through a botnet, a network of multiple computers controlled by malware or malware. Microsoft Azure was able to stay online during the attack due to its ability to control dozens of terabytes of DDoS attacks. BingMag.com Microsoft announced the biggest DDoS attack on record

Amir Dahan, Senior Program Manager "The source of the attack was traffic from about 70,000 sources and from several countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan and China, as well as the United States," explains Microsoft Azure Team. While the number of DDoS attacks on Microsoft Azure has increased in 2021, the maximum power of these attacks, which was 2.4Tbps in the last week of August, has decreased to 625 Mbps. The company did not disclose the username that was attacked in Microsoft Azure, but such attacks could also be used as cover for subsequent attacks that try to spread malware and infiltrate corporate systems.

BingMag.com Microsoft announced the biggest DDoS attack on record

Hackers need a set of computers to launch a DDoS attack. Among the many ways to acquire systems, using botnet is the most common. A botnet is a set of common user systems that can be accessed without permission by installing infected security software. With hackers gaining access to Button, the way will open for a large number of systems to attack Didas and make a website inaccessible. It should be noted. The first case is if you have set up a personal website or server. In this case, you need to protect your IP from Didas attack. For example, you can use a host that has a special program to deal with Didas attacks. In this case, even if your website is attacked by Didas, it will be supported by the host. Is. The service encrypts all device data by installing software on the system and then routing this data through its server to the Internet. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has already set a record for the largest DDoS attack by controlling a 2-attack attack. It had 3.Tbps. The service had previously thwarted a 1.7Tbps attack in March 2018. This record is now in the hands of the Microsoft team.

Source: TheVerge

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