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Microsoft 2 adds new features to Edge browser

Microsoft is planning to add two new features to the Chrome engine-based Edge browser. The company plans to add a price tracker to its Edge browser, and in the new feature, users can easily change passwords if they are exposed online. The price tracking feature, which will be available to users soon, is designed to track products you have recently viewed and notify you of price changes.

Microsoft has focused on improving the user shopping experience with its Edge browser It has already provided features such as price comparison, price history and internal coupons to users of this browser. "This new feature will be available soon and will be available to users," explained Liat Bin Zour, Microsoft CEO, who is working on the company's 'Modern Life' plan. So as you normally scroll through online stores, the Microsoft Edge browser lets you know if any of the items you've recently seen have changed in price.

BingMag.com Microsoft 2 adds new features to Edge browser

It is not yet clear how Microsoft will address the privacy concerns of the products you search online for and the prices associated with them. Microsoft has traditionally offered a number of privacy-focused controllers in the Edge browser, so we expect to see similar options here. Speaking of privacy and security, it's not bad to know that Microsoft intends to add a useful password tool to the Edge browser.

Microsoft is testing a new feature in the Edge browser that changes Makes your passwords easier if you disclose them online. This browser checks for leaked passwords, and if you allow it, you can soon go straight to a site's password change page to change your identity information, such as your username and password.

Then Microsoft Edge 1 Creates a new, unique and powerful password for you. "Easy password change is only available on a limited number of sites to get started, but we will work hard to expand the list in the coming months and equip more sites with this usability," says Ben Zour.

Microsoft has blocked the EdgeDeflector tool in a recent update released for Windows 11 users. This tool allowed users to bypass the forced opening of some links in the Edge browser. In Windows 11, Microsoft has made the process of changing the default browser more difficult than ever.

However, this is not enough to persuade users to use the Edge browser, and even if you change your default browser, Some Windows internal links, such as the search section and widgets, are still redirected to the Edge browser. Dissatisfied with this, users have been deprived of the freedom to choose their preferred browser. Call the "Microsoft-edge" protocol, this protocol can only be detected by the Edge browser. But other links that do not have the above protocol at the beginning will be opened with the same default browser.

BingMag.com Microsoft 2 adds new features to Edge browser

This tool bypasses this limitation by manipulating the above protocol to common protocols such as https at the beginning of the links. A recent update to Windows 11 seems to have blocked this path, which was actually due to a bug, and despite its manipulation, the links are still open in the Edge browser, although the developer has stated that the new restriction can be undone, but it is possible. It disrupts the normal operation of the operating system, so it has no plans to update its tools.

The company also recently unveiled its new service for auto-completing forms on other platforms. This service was first used in the Microsoft Edge browser. The Microsoft Autocomplete service is available as an add-on from the Microsoft Authenticator application. This plugin does something that browsers suggest users to save and auto-fill forms the next time they complete the forms.

Source: TheVerge

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