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MediaTek unveils Pantonic 2000 TV chip with the ability to run 8K content with 120Hz refresh rate

BingMag.com MediaTek unveils Pantonic 2000 TV chip with the ability to run 8K content with 120Hz refresh rate

MediaTek has just unveiled the Pantonic 2000 TV chip; A chip with 7nm lithography and the ability to display 8K content at 120 frames per second. The company's plans and expectations are moving forward. MediaTek is one of the most successful companies in the field of phone processor production, which these days has been able to keep pace with large companies such as Qualcomm and Samsung. Until this year, of course, this will be the case that MediaTek is usually considered a second-tier company, and Qualcomm and Samsung have always been mentioned as the top two companies in this field.

MediaTek, but for next year He has a different plan in mind. Although the processors made by the company last year were mostly used in mid-range, economy, high-end (not powerful flagship) phones, it seems that next year everything will be different and the Taiwanese company wants to use the Dimensity 9000 chip in the flagship market with its strong competitors. To compete.

But this is not the only processor released by the Taiwanese company this year. MediaTek also recently unveiled a new chip for smart TVs. A high-processing chip called the MediaTek Pantonic 2000, which should be the first 7-nanometer lithography-based TV chip that can play 8K images at 120 frames per second. Of course, this chip should be considered the first existing chip in many ways.

We should start with its lithography. The chip is made by TSMC; The company that has the best performance in the field of chip production and is currently at the top to the point that Apple, whose chips are considered the best mobile processors in the world every year, is getting help from this company to produce its processors. Therefore, we are confident in terms of chip manufacturing quality. Second, MediaTek Pantonic 2000 is the first TV chip to support VVC for H.266 content. This is a new codec that works very well in terms of compression, especially for streaming and streaming video content. Other supported list formats include HEVC, VP9, and VS3.

This chip is so powerful that, as mentioned, it can capture images in 8K resolution at 120 frames per second. Show that this is exceptional. At present, among smartphones, televisions and electronic devices in general, it is less common for a product to use such a high resolution, and in fact, the highest is 8K. On the other hand, we have never seen a product that can display images with a unique refresh rate of 120 Hz at this resolution. Interestingly, this chip also supports MEMC technology in such clarity and refresh.

The term MEMC actually refers to technology that is responsible for estimating and compensating motion, and stands for Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation Is. The presence of MEMC technology in TVs doubles the speed of image transfer on the screen. In this way, the vibration of movements and shadows is transmitted to a level that is visible to the eye, and fast movements are seen more realistically on the TV screen. By eliminating image shake, MEMC demonstrates smooth and natural motion and movement in movies so that fast images such as sports matches, movies and computer games can be played with better quality than before on TVs equipped with this chip.

In terms of connections, this chip is also quite rich, and It allows TV companies to add technology and standards to their TVs, including Wi-Fi 6E and 5G Internet. However, according to the source website, the use of 5G internet is apparently a completely selective issue and smart TV companies can benefit from it.

They will be on the market in 2022, but we do not have information about the price range or the exact date that we are going to see these products. In general, the capabilities of this chip can be summarized below.

  • The first powerful chip with the ability to run 8K content with a refresh rate of 120 Hz
  • 8K super resolution resolution based on artificial intelligence
  • The most powerful chip made for TV
  • The first TV chip with 7nm lithography
  • The first TV chip with VVC support for H.266 content
  • Take advantage of MediaTek's proprietary visual capabilities
  • Fast connection with support for 6E Wi-Fi or 5G Internet
  • Support for world-class standards including ATSC 3.0

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