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MediaTek's revenue increased by about 33% thanks to 8000 and 9000 dime chips

BingMag.com <b>MediaTek's</b> <b>revenue</b> <b>increased</b> by <b>about</b> <b>33%</b> <b>thanks</b> to <b>8000</b> and <b>9000</b> <b>dime</b> chips

MediaTek, which these days has an outstanding performance in the production of mobile chips, has been able to increase its revenue by 33% thanks to the high sales of 8000 and 9000 processors. MediaTek, a mobile chip maker in the market, has quietly worked hard over the past few years to compete with competitors such as Apple, Qualcomm and Samsung to build many processors. Produce good. For several years, the Taiwanese company has been really incapable of producing high-quality chips, so that after a while, the company's chips experienced a significant decline in performance, and users did not have much confidence in the company and its products. But now we see that the company's main weakness has now become its strength.

The processors produced by MediaTek are so stable in their long-term performance that even some of the company's intermediaries can outperform rival flagships. Eliminate. For example, Diamondity 8100, which is a mid-range chip, was able to eliminate even Apple's Snapdragon 8 generation and M1 in tests. It was not at the beginning of the test that the two competing processors were naturally better, but after a while the processors usually lost some of their power.

The same stability in performance on all the chips made by the Taiwanese company Introduced over the past year. chips such as Dimension City 8000 and Dimension 9000 series, which of course is the second flagship of the company. As a result of this good performance, many smartphone companies have decided to choose MediaTek as the supplier of the beating heart of their products. MediaTek has been able to improve its revenue by up to 33%.

BingMag.com <b>MediaTek's</b> <b>revenue</b> <b>increased</b> by <b>about</b> <b>33%</b> <b>thanks</b> to <b>8000</b> and <b>9000</b> <b>dime</b> chips

OnePlus, Vivo, Xiaomi and Honor, which used to use Qualcomm or Samsung chips in their products, have now decided to turn to MediaTek because the company's good performance in processor manufacturing has shown itself in practice. p>

According to MediaTek, in May this year, the company's revenue was about $ 1.75 billion, a decrease of 1% compared to April this year, but compared to the same period in the year In the past, it grew by 26%. But five months after the start of 2022, a total of MediaTek was able to improve its performance by 33% and bring its revenue to $ 8.32 billion, thus achieving its goal for the second quarter of this year. It was supposed to be no problem.

Of course, this rapid progress is not going to continue in June. The Taiwanese company's revenue will most likely be slightly reduced as smartphone companies will also reduce their orders in order to balance the price and supply chain.

The main reason is that smartphone companies are also reducing their orders. They intend to reduce their orders. Due to the global crisis, the prices of the required parts have risen sharply. Companies will have to increase the price of their products as orders increase, and as a result, demand will decrease. So not because of the growth of other companies, but because of the negative wave that will engulf all companies, MediaTek is not going to see any increase in revenue at this rate.

Source: GSMArena </ a >

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