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MediaTek is still ahead of Qualcomm in the chip market

BingMag.com MediaTek is still ahead of Qualcomm in the chip market

A few months ago, it was announced that MediaTek would be the number one chip market in 2020. Now, according to the latest report of Counterpoint Research, MediaTek has set a new record in the second quarter of 2021.

According to this report, MediaTek's market share has reached 43% during this period, and for comparison, we must say that in In the first quarter of 2021, the company held 35% of this market. Meanwhile, Qualcomm's market share has risen from 29% last season to 24%. Counterpoint notes that the company's growth has been achieved thanks to an increased focus on 5G low-end chipsets and LTE chipsets, while Qualcomm has been weaker than expected due to global chip shortages and declining production figures.

BingMag.com MediaTek is still ahead of Qualcomm in the chip market

Of course, in the field of 5G modems, Qualcomm is still in the first place with a share of 55% and MediaTek is about 30% It has taken over the market. Last year, the two companies accounted for 29% and 11% of the 5G modem market, respectively. They use Qualcomm chipsets. However, according to senior executives at MediaTek, the company wants to pay special attention to flagship chipsets. We need to see if MediaTek becomes a strong competitor to Qualcomm in terms of flagship chipsets.

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