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Mask: Twitter needs to be more like WeChat and TickTock to increase the number of users

BingMag.com <b>Mask:</b> <b>Twitter</b> <b>needs</b> to be <b>more</b> <b>like</b> <b>WeChat</b> and <b>TickTock</b> to <b>increase</b> the <b>number</b> of users

Ilan Musk told Twitter employees on Thursday that if the company wanted to achieve its goal of reaching one billion users, it would have to look more like WeChat and Tick.

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According to the latest reports, when asked about Mask Asked how Twitter could increase the number of active users as well as the interaction between them, he explained that the platform should provide more interactive tools to its users and make sure they are fun enough. The richest man in the world went on to point out the WeChat app, which combines social media with payments and games, and has thus attracted the attention of many users.

Ilan Musk at Thursday's meeting "There is no alternative to the WeChat app outside of China," he said in a video. "If we can recreate it with Twitter, we will have great success." He also praised the TickTook app algorithm for not being boring, saying, "We can boost Twitter in the same way to make it fun and entertaining."

In addition, the CEO Tesla reiterated that it intends to focus more on Twitter subscriptions and payments, and users will need to pay to receive some special services and features. He also noted the harsh treatment of fake users of the platform. Overall, Ilan Mask's speech to Twitter staff on Thursday shows that if his offer to privatize the company is made, it will make sweeping changes on Twitter. He also said he wanted to make the company more financially disciplined and did not oppose telecommuting employees. Tesla CEO has previously announced plans to increase the number of monthly Twitter users from 217 million now to 600 million by 2025 and 931 million by 2028. In other words, he wants to quadruple the number of users of this popular platform over the next six years. He also plans to increase the paid X service of Twitter to 104 million.

It is also worth noting that Mask has ambitious goals to increase the company's revenue. He is said to be planning to increase Twitter revenue to $ 26.4 billion by 2028, which is about five times the current revenue of the platform. Tesla CEO wants to create a variety of ways to earn money on Twitter, and accordingly, since advertising accounts for about 90% of Twitter revenue, he intends to reduce this figure to 45% by 2028. One of Mask's goals is for Twitter to make $ 10 billion through advertising and $ 12 billion through shared services.

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Source: TheVerge

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