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Mask: It must be possible to pay the subscription fee of Twitter Blue users with Dodge Quinn

BingMag.com <b>Mask:</b> It <b>must</b> be <b>possible</b> to <b>pay</b> the <b>subscription</b> <b>fee</b> of <b>Twitter</b> <b>Blue</b> <b>users</b> with <b>Dodge</b> Quinn

Ilan Mask recently posted tweets about changes he thinks should be made to Twitter. In this regard, he announced that the subscription price of the premium Twitter Blue service should be reduced, a special tick should be considered for the users of this service, the possibility of paying the subscription fee of users with Dodge Quinn should be provided and advertisements should be removed from this platform.

  • Twitter is probably working on a new feature called "Articles"

Twitter's largest shareholder, which a few days ago acquired 9.2% of Twitter shares With an estimated $ 3 billion in purchases, he is a popular Twitter user who often has to make the tweets he publishes faster or slower. He was also appointed as a new member of Twitter last Tuesday and announced that he intends to make significant changes with other members of the company in the coming months.

Ilan Musk yesterday in a series The tweet made the changes publicly available to users. He announced that the monthly price of the Twitter Blue premium service should be reduced from $ 3 to $ 2. users must also purchase a one-year subscription to access this price and not receive a special check for 60 days. He added that users should be able to pay the subscription fee using Dodge Quinn.

  • Twitter is working on leaving the conversation to avoid annoying signals
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    It should be noted that Twitter Blue is currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Mask also conducted a poll on his page a few days ago to get user feedback to add a tweet edit button. It is said that the CEO of Twitter also shared this poll and asked users to be careful in answering this question. According to the latest information, about 1.8 million people have taken part in the poll, and 74% of them want the tweet edit button to be added.

    • Liberation hero or profiteering businessman; What dream did Ilan Mask have for Twitter?

Source: CNBC

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