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Mask: Humanoid robots are likely to be present in every home by 2050

BingMag.com <b>Mask:</b> <b>Humanoid</b> <b>robots</b> are <b>likely</b> to be <b>present</b> in <b>every</b> <b>home</b> by 2050

Humanoid assistant robots can remind humans of another stage of modern technology. In an interview published by TED YouTube, Ilan Musk explains how Tesla's fully automated driving system technology will enter the robotics industry, and people's homes will see the presence of Humanoid robots in the not-too-distant future. He believes that this category will be implemented by 2050, and the optimization of artificial intelligence is the most important factor that prevents the rapid progress of this field of technology.

  • Ilan Musk from the beginning of production of Tesla Humanoid robot In 2023, Tesla's CEO announced in a comprehensive interview, referring to his responsibilities at SpaceX and Neuralink, that most people in cyberspace have reacted negatively to his vast wealth. they give. "It took me a long time to realize that to solve the problems of automatic driving systems, you have to solve the real-world challenges in the field of artificial intelligence, and when the artificial intelligence problems of cars, which are actually four-wheeled robots, are solved," he said. You will be able to use this system on a robot with both hands and feet. "

    BingMag.com <b>Mask:</b> <b>Humanoid</b> <b>robots</b> are <b>likely</b> to be <b>present</b> in <b>every</b> <b>home</b> by 2050

    • Twitter's response to Ilan Musk's offer to buy the company

    BingMag.com <b>Mask:</b> <b>Humanoid</b> <b>robots</b> are <b>likely</b> to be <b>present</b> in <b>every</b> <b>home</b> by 2050

    In an interview He considers the cost of buying Humanoid robots to be less than the cost of buying cars. He says that the price of these robots may be very high upon arrival, but by increasing production and reducing costs, their price can be lowered to an almost constant rate. It should be noted that Mask August last year introduced its Humanoid robot called "Optimus" to users. Last year, an internal Tesla member pointed out that these robots did not meet the standards expected of Ilan Mask and that more work needed to be done on them. It remains to be seen what news will be published in the coming days and months.

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