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Mark Zuckerberg: Instagram will soon be hosting the NFT

BingMag.com <b>Mark</b> <b>Zuckerberg:</b> <b>Instagram</b> will <b>soon</b> be <b>hosting</b> the NFT

According to credible sources, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Instagram will soon be hosting NFTs. He did not provide much information, but it seems that on this popular platform, users will soon be able to display their NFTs and also be able to buy and sell NFTs in this environment.

In recent months There have been various rumors about Meta's decision to add NFTs to Instagram. Late last year, Instagram CEO Adam Moseri mentioned that a professional team is focusing on adding NFTs to the social network so that users can display NFTs in their profile picture, and They can even create and sell NFT. A number of meta executives have also expressed interest in adding NFT capability to their platforms.

BingMag.com <b>Mark</b> <b>Zuckerberg:</b> <b>Instagram</b> will <b>soon</b> be <b>hosting</b> the NFT

Although there have been many rumors about this, it is still unclear exactly how NFTs will be present on Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg has previously talked about NFT and Metawares, pointing out that these domains could dominate the digital world. At the moment, he seems to be thinking about NFTs as digital objects. "I hope the clothes your avatars wear on Metavars will be NFT-enabled so you can use them in a variety of situations," he said. They are working on NFT integration, but it is not yet clear exactly what the company plans to do in this area. As you know, Facebook changed its company name to Meta months ago to focus on the world of Metavars. It remains to be seen where the ideas of this big technology company in the field of Metavars will end up.

Apart from this, the popular Instagram platform last year was able to add new and very useful features to its application. Increase your audience and this year the company intends to continue the good trend by offering more user-friendly capabilities. In this regard, Instagram recently announced the release of a very useful feature with which users can delete their account posts, likes and comments in groups.

According to the latest information released, this popular platform With the release of a new feature, it allows users to delete their comments and posts in bulk, as well as review their account interactions and past activities.

BingMag.com <b>Mark</b> <b>Zuckerberg:</b> <b>Instagram</b> will <b>soon</b> be <b>hosting</b> the NFT

The company recently announced that the Instagram team is working on a new feature that shows the user's upcoming live schedule. Instagram manager Adam Mousri explained the new feature in a video he posted on his Twitter page, noting that users can now use a special banner in their profile feed to let others know that a live date is scheduled. To hold. Followers can also subscribe to this banner by selecting it to remind them before it starts live.

The popular social network has also announced that it is testing the ability to display stories vertically with a small group of users. Is. It remains to be seen in the coming days what other important and useful features will be available to the numerous users of this popular platform.

Source: Techcrunch

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