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London double decker buses become electric

BingMag.com London double decker buses become electric

With extensive efforts to reduce fossil pollutants and eliminate internal combustion engines, London's famous red double-decker buses are also moving towards electricity. Electric motors and battery packs are changing the world of various vehicles, and this technology can be an advantage for commercial service vehicles as many departments and organizations are considering or starting to use new engines.

Buses are also among the vehicles that are becoming all-electric. Determining routes, scheduled charges, and a good distribution network can replace the current inconvenient urban transportation, and one of the ideas in this area is the Jewel E double-decker electric buses.

BingMag.com London double decker buses become electricBingMag.com London double decker buses become electric

This double-decker bus is operated by Equipmake, which specializes in electrifying commercial vehicles and with Spanish automaker Beulas will be produced in collaboration. The Jewel E uses an equestrian Zero Emission Drivetrain engine that can be adjusted to fit the dimensions of the bus.

It can deliver up to 536 horsepower and an amazing 3,500 Nm of torque. The HTM 3500 engine is mated to a lithium-ion battery with a maximum output power of 543 kWh. They increase that will be enough for its daily schedule. According to Equipomic, Jewel E is the first all-electric bus to meet the new Transport for London safety standards, which will take effect in 2024. Thus, this electric bus is not only designed according to the old service system of London buses, but also increases its safety.

BingMag.com London double decker buses become electric

Testing of this bus is expected to begin in the coming months and before the end of 2021. Trial service will begin in the first quarter of 2022, and a production and sales line is scheduled for 2022.

Britain will need at least 4,000 non-polluting buses by 2024 Had. Buses are a good way to get electrified because of their regular use and short driving distances, and charging time will not be too much of a concern as buses are parked overnight.

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Photos: Prototype of the Jewel E double decker electric bus
Credit: Equipmake

Source: Motor1

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