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The loading time of games in Android 13 will be much less

BingMag.com The <b>loading</b> <b>time</b> of <b>games</b> in <b>Android</b> 13 will be <b>much</b> less

It looks like Google wants to add a feature to Android 13 that significantly reduces game load time.


We've heard this a lot, do you agree? Reduce game loading time thanks to a new feature in the Android operating system. Of course, in practice, we have seen a series of improvements, but not much has been maneuvered on such a thing, and for now, it is more just words than action. Now, once again, we see such news that in Android 13, users no longer need to wait a long time to load games, because apparently this operating system has a feature that can significantly reduce this time.

These days, a large number of smartphone users spend most of their time playing with the phone. Recently, there was even a report that mobile game developers earn more than computer game developers, and this shows how much gaming on the mobile platform has grown over the past few years. Knowing this, Google has tried to release good features for its operating system during this time, although it is up to the phone manufacturers to consider a good gaming service to improve the gaming experience for their phones.

Of course, companies have done their part to some extent. Google, for example, added 12 features to Android that allowed game developers to consider different game modes for games. For example, high refresh rate, optimal consumption or high quality. games like Asphalt 9 or Ganshin Impact, which have high graphics, also took advantage of these features, and the user chose one of these options according to their needs to have a better experience while playing.

Android 12 also The phone makers allowed them to design a dedicated gaming dashboard. A quick way for the user to disable a series of unnecessary settings to have a better gaming experience. This dashboard includes things like taking screenshots, recording video, activating "Do Not Disturb" mode and many other things that can be different depending on the taste of the manufacturer.

BingMag.com The <b>loading</b> <b>time</b> of <b>games</b> in <b>Android</b> 13 will be <b>much</b> less

But now we have heard that Android 13 is going to change another part of gaming. It seems that Google wants to use a new method in this operating system that allows games to notify the phone of their status. How does this help? When a game notifies the phone of its status, the phone can decide whether the game will be disrupted. More interestingly, thanks to this new method, games can also exchange their loading information with the phone. As a result, the phone can respond to this information and increase its processing power by using the new GAME_LOADING mode.

Of course, this is nothing new. Many smartphone manufacturers have applied their own methods to design this feature and use it in their products to increase the processing power of the system while playing various games and reduce the loading time of games. But the fact that Android itself has this feature by default can make this process more effective and better, because for Android, it is a native feature and not a third party.

According to the news in this regard Released, Google wants this new feature to be available to all phones that come with Android 13 as the default operating system. Now we do not know if this means that phones equipped with Android 12 that are to be upgraded to this operating system are not going to be equipped with such a feature or that Google just wanted to announce those phones that come with Android 13 or higher. , Will have this feature by default, and other phones that upgrade to Android 13 will have to go through other steps to take advantage of this new feature.

Nothing is clear at this time and we have to wait Let's see what more news is published on this topic.

Source: PhoneArena

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