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Listening to Alexa could kill a 10-year-old girl

BingMag.com <b>Listening</b> to <b>Alexa</b> <b>could</b> <b>kill</b> a <b>10-year-old</b> girl

It seems that voice assistants are not always very useful and can sometimes make fatal mistakes. The reason we say this is what happened to a 10-year-old girl who is said to have lost her life if she had listened to Alexa's instructions.

The mother of a 10-year-old cook recently posted on her Twitter account He shared a story with users that could have had an extremely bitter and upsetting ending. But what was the matter? The 10-year-old apparently asks Alexa to introduce him to an interesting challenge, and Alexa tells him to plug the phone charger halfway into the socket and touch the outside with a coin. It is not clear why Alexa did such a strange thing, but if a 10-year-old girl followed these instructions, she could have lost her life. It is not possible to do that. Also, sometimes searching for the desired song, playing games and various challenges can be considered as interesting and in many cases practical options.

The use that children have of these voice assistants, you probably know that most It sums up playing games and things like that. Especially children under 12 years old who are less aware of the capabilities of the voice assistant in the phone and the possibility of doing different things by it. Voice assistants are usually programmed by companies to not use obscene language, make illegal talk, or generally say anything that would later cause trouble for the company.

BingMag.com <b>Listening</b> to <b>Alexa</b> <b>could</b> <b>kill</b> a <b>10-year-old</b> girl

The image that the mother's mother shared of Alexa's response confirming her career

Alexa did not really care what happened to Amazon when it gave such bad instructions to the 10-year-old girl. Of course, Alexa is not the only voice assistant who makes such mistakes. It was in October of this year that a Google user wrote on Twitter that if you told Google Assistant you had a sudden attack and what should you do now? It tells you exactly what you should not do. For example, give someone food or water to bring them to their senses, stop them from moving, put something in their mouth, and that means the wrong results, which can sometimes be really problematic. The Verge website confirmed the news at the time and posted it on its website, and Google worked on the issue. Now, if the company's voice assistant asks the same question, it will tell you all this plus one "do not do." That means do not actually do any of these things.

Times like this abound over time. As a result, families who know that their child knows how to use voice assistants and can communicate with them must have a lot of control over the situation, because if they do not, dangerous things can happen. It is also possible to disable these voice assistants. Of course, Alexa sent such commands through Amazon's smart speaker, which is naturally harder to control than when you want to check the status of your children's phones. Otherwise, a small mistake can have irreparable consequences.

Source: PhoneArena

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