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LG unveils Gram 16 and Gram 17 laptops with 12th generation Intel processors

LG unveiled the new Gram series laptops called Gram 16 and Gram 17 last night. Products that use Intel 12th generation chip and RTX 2050 graphics.

LG recently unveiled its two powerful laptops with slim, beautiful and light body. Last year, the company unveiled laptops of the same series with 11th generation Intel processors based on the Iris Xe iGPU graphics chip. But this time he decided to use more powerful and faster graphics.

BingMag.com LG <b>unveils</b> <b>Gram</b> 16 and <b>Gram</b> 17 <b>laptops</b> with <b>12th</b> <b>generation</b> <b>Intel</b> processors BingMag.com LG <b>unveils</b> <b>Gram</b> 16 and <b>Gram</b> 17 <b>laptops</b> with <b>12th</b> <b>generation</b> <b>Intel</b> processors BingMag.com LG <b>unveils</b> <b>Gram</b> 16 and <b>Gram</b> 17 <b>laptops</b> with <b>12th</b> <b>generation</b> <b>Intel</b> processors BingMag.com LG <b>unveils</b> <b>Gram</b> 16 and <b>Gram</b> 17 <b>laptops</b> with <b>12th</b> <b>generation</b> <b>Intel</b> processors BingMag.com LG <b>unveils</b> <b>Gram</b> 16 and <b>Gram</b> 17 <b>laptops</b> with <b>12th</b> <b>generation</b> <b>Intel</b> processors

this The two laptops are the LG Gram 16 and 17, and the numbers 16 and 17, as you probably know, refer to the size of their screens. Both displays offer a 16:10 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1600 x 2560 pixels, use the IPS LCD panel and 99%, cover the DCI-P3 color gamut. LG has also used an anti-reflective coating to make it easier to use.

BingMag.com LG <b>unveils</b> <b>Gram</b> 16 and <b>Gram</b> 17 <b>laptops</b> with <b>12th</b> <b>generation</b> <b>Intel</b> processors

Model 17 The inch is available in two models, one of which uses an Intel Core i5-1240P processor and the other a Core i7-1260P. The 16-inch model is only available in one model with the i5 chip. Some of these models are equipped with the Iris Xe iGPU graphics chip and others with the RTX 2050 graphics chip.

As the name suggests, both are really lightweight. LG has been so refined in their design that the 16-inch model with a separate graphics chip weighs only 1,285 grams and the 17-inch model weighs 1,435 grams with similar conditions; While the large battery used in them has a capacity of 90 watts. Note, however, that 90-watt batteries are for laptops equipped with RTX 2050 graphics, and models with built-in graphics use an 80-watt battery. The charging speed that comes with these two products is 65 watts.

BingMag.com LG <b>unveils</b> <b>Gram</b> 16 and <b>Gram</b> 17 <b>laptops</b> with <b>12th</b> <b>generation</b> <b>Intel</b> processors BingMag.com LG <b>unveils</b> <b>Gram</b> 16 and <b>Gram</b> 17 <b>laptops</b> with <b>12th</b> <b>generation</b> <b>Intel</b> processors

According to LG, models with the i7 processor are about 70% faster than the previous generation. Both products also use four high-speed PCIe 4.0 interfaces that the user can enjoy working with their laptop by connecting an SSD to them. This generation of SSDs is about 22% faster and more acceptable than the previous generation. It should be noted that the SSD inside these two laptops is 256 GB.

The RAM capacity of the base model is 8 GB and the upgraded model is 32 GB of LPDDR5 type. These RAMs are not removable, and if you buy a product with 8 GB of RAM, you will not be able to increase it at all. We are Thunderbolt 4 and USB Power Delivery. A large HDMI port, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot are also included. Wireless networking also includes Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth version 5.1.

BingMag.com LG <b>unveils</b> <b>Gram</b> 16 and <b>Gram</b> 17 <b>laptops</b> with <b>12th</b> <b>generation</b> <b>Intel</b> processors

has it. For example, it allows you to move the mouse cursor from one monitor to another if you use a secondary display next to your main laptop, such as the LG Gram + View monitor, which is the Korean company's portable monitor. It also allows the secondary display to recognize the people behind you and blur the screen to prevent viewing content.

BingMag.com LG <b>unveils</b> <b>Gram</b> 16 and <b>Gram</b> 17 <b>laptops</b> with <b>12th</b> <b>generation</b> <b>Intel</b> processors The LG Gram 16 and Gram 17 will be available for sale in South Korea from April (next month). The price for them is as follows:

  • LG Gram 16 in model i5/16/256: priced at 2.29 million won ($ 1885/1700 Euros)
  • LG Gram 17 on the i5/16/256: priced at 2.39 million won ($ 1970/ 1780)

from April 11 (22 April) It will be possible to pre-purchase these laptops. If you pre-purchase two laptops on this date, you will also receive a portable Gram + View monitor, Gram mouse and many other good items such as Gram Office Value Pack software pack for free.

BingMag.com LG <b>unveils</b> <b>Gram</b> 16 and <b>Gram</b> 17 <b>laptops</b> with <b>12th</b> <b>generation</b> <b>Intel</b> processors

No, but in 2021, the previous generation models became available in the United States, and this happened exactly one month after their release in Korea. It remains to be seen what will happen this year.


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