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LG is preparing OLED panels for the new iPad and MacBook models

BingMag.com LG is <b>preparing</b> <b>OLED</b> <b>panels</b> for the <b>new</b> <b>iPad</b> and <b>MacBook</b> models

There have been many reports in recent months about the release of iPads based on OLED panels. Now the Korean news agency The Elec reports that LG will first provide the old panels for the two iPad models to Apple, and then will start producing larger old screens for the MacBook. Apple is reportedly planning to unveil the first MacBook based on OLED displays in 2025.

LG is preparing production lines for old panels for Apple gadgets. In order to attract the attention of Apple executives, the company must significantly change its OLED panel product lines. According to a long-standing report, LG has shipped some of its display equipment to a factory in Pajo, South Korea. The existing plant in the city now produces part of the OLED panels used in the iPhone, and as LG increases production capacity, it will have to provide the infrastructure for the OLED displays of the new iPads and MacBooks. It is said that it takes up to a year to check the quality of these screens because Apple is very strict in using the screens.

BingMag.com LG is <b>preparing</b> <b>OLED</b> <b>panels</b> for the <b>new</b> <b>iPad</b> and <b>MacBook</b> models

It seems that the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPads based on the old display will hit the market sooner than the MacBook equipped with such a display. Details of Apple's plans have not yet been revealed for the MacBook Old-based display, but it is rumored that the Chinese company BOE plans to supply some of the panels for the new iPad models. The company has also made changes to its old panel product lines in order to comply with Apple standards. Equipped with an old display in 2025, it depends on the release of 11- and 12.9-inch iPads in 2024. A new report by Elec News Agency also confirmed this tweet. Older monitors are said to be LTPOs for newer iPad models, which can provide variable refresh rates and thus play an important role in extending battery life. Given that mass production of these displays will apparently begin in 2023 or 2024, the launch of the first MacBook equipped with an OLED display in 2025 is not far-fetched.

BingMag.com LG is <b>preparing</b> <b>OLED</b> <b>panels</b> for the <b>new</b> <b>iPad</b> and <b>MacBook</b> models

It should be noted that Apple has used different displays for its gadgets over the years. Apart from the traditional LCD monitors, we should mention the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro models that use mini-LED displays. These types of displays are basically the same as LCD panels, but for backlighting, many more LEDs are used, so that the panel can display black more attractively and also provide much better contrast. Apple first used this panel in the Apple Watch to use the old display, and the iPhone X is the first iPhone to be equipped with this panel.

Apple has also paid a lot of attention to microLED displays in recent years. Despite its nominal similarity, it has nothing to do with mini-LED technology. But since building these types of displays is still very expensive, we should not expect this technology to be introduced to Apple products in the near future.

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Source: MacRumors

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