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Learn how to clear the DNS cache in Windows to fix the problem of not connecting to the Internet

BingMag.com <b>Learn</b> <b>how</b> to <b>clear</b> the <b>DNS</b> <b>cache</b> in <b>Windows</b> to <b>fix</b> the <b>problem</b> of not <b>connecting</b> to the Internet

Internet outages have happened to all of us for a variety of reasons and will continue to happen in the future. This is an inevitable problem that arises, but how to solve it is a question that has many answers. In this article, we will teach you Flush DNS in Windows, which, as a definitive Internet solution, can sometimes be really useful and help you reconnect to the Internet.

The way we are going to Let me introduce you to this, it's totally DNS related that you may not be very familiar with. Although for ordinary users, implementing a solution is more important than knowing the details, it is best to first have a brief definition of DNS so that we know what we are actually doing when we clear its cache. What is DNS and what does it do? In fact, if we want to translate this phrase into Persian, we get the "domain name system", which may not be very understandable. So in simple terms, what is DNS and what does it do? Simply put, DNS works like a real-world phonebook in the Internet world. In order to call someone, you look for their name from your phone's contacts list, and it is less common to call them by memorizing the number. DNS does exactly the same thing. This means that instead of entering your IP address to enter a website (IP is numeric), you enter it through the name of that website. Now DNS is like a two-way communication bridge. Suppose the domain we can read is www.digikala.com. DNS converts our domain to a number, or IP, to detect it.

What is a DNS cache?

BingMag.com <b>Learn</b> <b>how</b> to <b>clear</b> the <b>DNS</b> <b>cache</b> in <b>Windows</b> to <b>fix</b> the <b>problem</b> of not <b>connecting</b> to the Internet

As mentioned, each domain also points to a specific IP address. But before that can happen, that domain must be stored in a platform called DNS Server. The DNS server can be considered a huge database that is full of domains and IP addresses. Now, in order to save time, the computer stores a copy of all this information it receives from the DNS server, so that you can speed up your work while surfing the Internet. This stored information is called a DNS cache; Just like the smartphone app cache, which is populated with the app information every once in a while.

DNS cache stored on a computer can speed up browsing and save time, but if something goes wrong in the middle, You will encounter many errors that may eventually cause the Internet to crash. For example, the DNS cache can be corrupted. As a result, the IP address of a particular domain may be lost due to a bug. cache can also become obsolete over time. This means that the IP address or domain stored on your computer may have actually changed. DNS cache can even be poisonous; That is, it receives incorrect information through the DNS server. Of course, the latter may be accidental, but it could be the result of hackers trying to gain access to some of the user's information.

DNS cache affects all Internet traffic. So when you encounter a problem with a particular website or application, that problem most likely has nothing to do with DNS. If you can not access a specific website, just change the browser or use the IP modifier to see if the problem is resolved. Because this can not be rooted in the DNS cache.

Flush DNS Tutorial in Windows

The DNS cache is not stored in a specific file in the system hard drive, but in RAM. Because RAM is a temporary access memory, this information is also erased and rewritten each time the system is turned off or restarted. This is why when you restart the system in the face of such problems, the situation will probably return to its previous good state. This means that the best and most painless way to Flush DNS is to restart the system.

But sometimes it happens that you can not restart the system due to the large number of open applications. This is where you need to take action and clear the DNS cache without restarting the system. This is called Flush DNS in Windows. All you have to do is enter the Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell menu and enter a series of commands. If you are using Command Prompt, you do not need to run it as an admin.

  • To run Command Prompt, just enter the Windows search box and the phrase CMD Type. The Command Prompt is displayed, which you must click to open a menu.

BingMag.com <b>Learn</b> <b>how</b> to <b>clear</b> the <b>DNS</b> <b>cache</b> in <b>Windows</b> to <b>fix</b> the <b>problem</b> of not <b>connecting</b> to the Internet

As mentioned, you can also use the Windows PowerShell tool to send commands. Just enter the word PowerShell instead of CMD in the search menu. The icon of this tool is displayed, you can click on it to start the process of clearing the DNS cache.

BingMag.com <b>Learn</b> <b>how</b> to <b>clear</b> the <b>DNS</b> <b>cache</b> in <b>Windows</b> to <b>fix</b> the <b>problem</b> of not <b>connecting</b> to the Internet

  • In both environments, just copy and paste ipconfig/flushdns as we put it.

Enter your DNS to The correction is flashed and the cache is cleared. If this operation is successful, you will receive a message stating that the image can be viewed below.

BingMag.com <b>Learn</b> <b>how</b> to <b>clear</b> the <b>DNS</b> <b>cache</b> in <b>Windows</b> to <b>fix</b> the <b>problem</b> of not <b>connecting</b> to the Internet

As mentioned above, sometimes the reason for a broken DNS cache is that the information in it is outdated. Of course, flashing it or so-called restarting will solve your problem in many cases, but sometimes you may need to upgrade your DNS. To do this, perform the following steps before flashing DNS, and finally flash DNS.

  • Step in the CMD or Windows PowerShell login. But this time on the first page, type ipconfig/release and press Enter.

BingMag.com <b>Learn</b> <b>how</b> to <b>clear</b> the <b>DNS</b> <b>cache</b> in <b>Windows</b> to <b>fix</b> the <b>problem</b> of not <b>connecting</b> to the Internet

  • After the release process is complete, it's time for the second command, ipconfig/renew, which you must paste in the same way in the CMD menu.

BingMag.com <b>Learn</b> <b>how</b> to <b>clear</b> the <b>DNS</b> <b>cache</b> in <b>Windows</b> to <b>fix</b> the <b>problem</b> of not <b>connecting</b> to the Internet

Close the CMD or Windows PowerShell menu. Try restarting the computer once and then see if the Internet problem still persists. (Definitely does not need to restart). If the problem persists, you should contact your ISP to identify and fix the problem. Note that this works for Flush DNS in different versions of Windows.

Note that there are many ways to solve a definite Internet problem; In this article, only the DNS section is taught and not the general methods of solving the definite problem of the Internet.

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